• Welcome!

    Hope all of you and your families are safe!

    These will be some challenging times.  Hang in there.

    Some of you have already been handing in the county's "supplemental" materials. These are designed to let you not get too far behind. Chapter 19 is on classification which we touched on right before break. Chapter 20 covers some more stuff on evolution that you need to know.

    Next week, when I can get to school, I'll get you the vocab we will be concentrating on. My internet connection here at the farm is not the greatest, and we all know how smooth I am with technology . . .😉 but we'll figure out a way to get you what you need to learn.


    The county recognizes that not every home has computers and connectivity, so they are working on how to make the delivery of instruction fair to everyone. That's why these 2 chapters are "supplemental" and not graded. It wouldn't be fair.


    I will be keeping you as current as I can through this web site - stay tuned! Be safe, and take care.

  • Use these codes for Google classroom:

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    2.  ltrjbnh

    3.  momnd2i

    4.  6l3v3jc

    5.  dbt7hdc

    6.  z72cj4f

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