FYI 4-6:
    Added all students to Microsoft Teams. It is a work in progress as I set everything up... sorry if you receive invites/emails, etc to student emails. Please be patient as it is a new platform for me as well.

    I did set up meeting invites for Thursday 10-11 and 1-2. You can actually access Zoom via the Microsoft Teams app...who knew???

    You do not have to come to a meeting, but will get info and help setting up next week's work. Also, if you are attending, you only have to come to 1 of them...will be the same stuff :)

    **If you are receiving an invite with times other than 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-2:00...please check your clock settings on your computer and Zoom...set to Eastern Time (US-Canada)

    Keep working hard!!!


    ~Mr Rasdall


    Class Update Monday, 4/6:


    I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, healthy weekend! 


    So many of you connected and started working last week, wonderful to see! Continue working through your classes this week. Remember, my assignments are due on Wednesdays...but don't stress over that, if you need more time it's no big deal :) A lot of you have completed 100% of the work(average completion time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes total), but remember that you can go to the "Practice" tab as many times as you'd like to make sure your answers are correct. The yellow highlights in the reading tab mean that you have not mastered that material yet. Green highlights mean that you got it correct. 100% complete does not necessarily mean 100% correct.

    There is an attachment in assignments (pdf) that shows screenshots of where to go and how to navigate. 


    In order to help lighten the Zoom meeting load...your subject matters have been assigned a specific day to meet.

    Monday: Math

    Tuesday: ELA

    Wednesday: Science

    Thursday: Social Studies

    Friday: Electives


    This works perfectly for us since new assignments will be posted Thursday mornings! We will meet this Thursday, April 9 at 10:00-11:00 and again 1:00-2:00. These are NOT mandatory!!! If you choose to attend, you need only come for one of the meetings as it will be the same material/information for both. I will post the meeting link Thursday morning along with new assignments. 


    Chromebook pick ups will still occur today and tomorrow only, 8:30-9:30. It is my understanding that you can stop by the school during these times to check one out!

    If you have technical issues with a Chromebook, tech support can be reached at 352-867-2100

    Grab and Go meals are still happening at this point, daily from 10:00-11:00. 


    I will continue to add as I receive more information. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! I miss you all very much!!! Email/Dojo are still the best way to contact me at this point...I will respond within an hour between 7:30-2:00, but if you need something message anyways and it will be the first thing I see the next day.


    ~Mr. Rasdall


    Class update 4/1: LOTS of Info!!!


    I hope you all are healthy and safe!!! I miss everyone so much! I know that this new stuff is stressful and crazy...for students, parents, and teachers...we are all trying to figure out how we're juggling kids/computers/school/work/life!


    I promise you, it will all be okay :) You're probably going to be hit with Zoom meeting requests, assignments, calls, texts, emails...but it will all be okay!  Do not feel like everything must be done in one day...it's way better if you set a schedule. Maybe one subject in the morning/another in the afternoon. For the most part, a week will be your goal to complete assignments...if it takes a day or two more, it's all good! Just don't ghost me! Touch base, return messages, ask for help, pop into open meeting times or live lessons that I will start next week!!!


    My website will have all news/assignments, instructions, etc. and my email will be the primary communication between us. I am exploring a couple of different platforms to host classroom sessions. It will most likely be Microsoft Teams since it is a part of your portal Microsoft suite and we will utilize Zoom. You can go to their website and set an account with your marionstudent email. When meeting arise, you will receive a meeting ID from me to join.


    Teacher Page will have info and updates...the Assignments Page will have PDF instructions, screenshots, actual assignments. Some of them will be through LearnSmart in your e-textbook...others will be designed by me.


    This first week, we are sticking with the District assignment, Chapter 11 in Learnsmart. When you complete it, you will have a progress bar in the Table of Contents, it will show green/100%...you can email me a screenshot of this.


    If your parent has not responded to these questions, please either respond via email or Class Dojo as soon as possible. michael.rasdall@marion.k12.fl.us

    1. Do you have internet access at home?

    2. Do you have access to a laptop or desktop computer at home?

    3. Are you okay with your students' instruction/assignments being administered online?

    Please respond as soon as possible so we can set a clear plan for everyone's success in World History!


    Assignments will be posted later this morning!


    ~Mr Rasdall



    Welcome to World History!


    This year, we will study World History from the Paleolithic Era to the fall of the Roman Empire. Students will be exposed to the social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economic (SPRITE) events which influenced the development of human kind and civilizations. Students will also explore the relationship between cause and effect in historical events and will have the opportunity to analyze those fundamental ideas and events which occurred during Ancient Historical times.


    The only item needed for class this year will be a single subject spiral notebook WITH 3 hole punches (1 per quarter...4 total for the year). This spiral will fit into the 3-ring binder that Liberty will be providing to all students this year!

    I am looking forward to a great year!



    Mr Rasdall