Welcome to World History!


    This year, we will study World History from the Paleolithic Era through the fall of the Roman Empire. Students will be exposed to the social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economic (SPRITE) events which influenced the development of human kind and civilizations. Students will also explore the relationship between cause and effect in historical events and will have the opportunity to analyze those fundamental ideas and events which occurred during Ancient Historical times.


    The only item needed (BOTH FOR FACE-TO-FACE AND MCPS ONLINE) for class this year will be a single subject spiral notebook WITH 3 hole punches (1 per quarter...4 total for the year). This spiral will fit into the 3-ring binder that Liberty will be providing to all face-to-face students this year!


    For the 2020-2021 schoolyear, Microsoft Teams will be your go to one stop shop for class information/assignments/announcements! This website is serving simply as an introduction to my class and me :)

    In order to access Teams, have your student login to their MarionStudents.net email account and click the Office 365 Tile. There they will find their email (Outlook), Office suite, and the purple app button for Teams.


    I am looking forward to a great year! Please click on the link below to view my welcome video.


    Mr Rasdall


     Welcome Video