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Mr. Tyler Chighizola

Hi Parents I'm the roving art teacher for Harbour View, Ill be here Monday, Thursdays and Fridays and look forward to sharing my knowledge of art with your kids.


About me 

I grew up here in Marion County, I graduated from Westport High school and College of Central Florida in 2015. I attended University of Central Florida from 2016 to 2018 where I majored in Studio Art with a focus in Illustration, and minored Digital Media design. I do freelance Illustration on the side as well as sell 3-D game art.


What I find very fascinating about art education is the process of art making and not the end product, I myself am always thinking about how to improve my process as an artist, to achieve better results, more efficiently, using the best tool for the job, and combining multiple disciplines together to reach higher levels of visual fidelity. I look forward to helping your students grow as designers and artists.


Feel free to check out some of my personal artwork below.

Unreal Engine 4 Scene

Unreal Engine 4 Scene
  • Fantasy village composed by me for real time rendering in the UE4 game engine.

Kublai Khan One-Shot Comic page

Kublai Khan One-Shot Comic
  • Establishing page of a Comic I illustrated about a time traveling Kublai Khan's adventure in the post World War one landscape of Europe.

Neon City Panic

Neon City Panic
  • Neon city Panic is a educational game project that I worked on with a small team in my Final year at UCF, the game was a part of a collaboration with Limbitless Solutions to create a series of games to be played with Flex sensors similar to sensors used in the prosthetic arms they create. This would allow the games to allow the kids to naturally addapt to the technology powering their new arms.

    A desktop version of the Game can be downloaded here