• Office Hours: Weekdays 11 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

    Google Voice number is 352-462-3827

    Email and Remind continue to be the best way to reach me as they are checked throughout the day


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    Every Monday, at 6 a.m. the assignments for the week will be posted in your Google Classroom.  Students will submit their assignments according to the directions on the GC assignment.  Please email if you have questions. 


    For those who have responded to my emails and have joined my Remind group, THANK YOU!!!

    If you have not received email or Remind correspondence from me, PLEASE email me with your email address.  As of now, I have 42 families I have to try to contact before TOMORROW.  Please encourage your friends to respond to my email, as I sent one to every student.

    As explained in the email message, I started posting my assignments, Wednesday, April 1, when we went live countywide with online distance instruction.  Students are to visit the tab to the left that identifies the class they are enrolled in, and they will use the digital textbook or website to complete the assignments.  Assignments will also be listed in Google Classroom and are due no later than Sunday night.  If the students want to complete the assignment before that, they are encouraged to do so.  Stay Safe!!!  One more note:

    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.



    See below for the copy of what I sent via email and the Remind APP for instructions about how online learning will look for the next few weeks...

    Good Morning!

    You are receiving this message because you are on my Remind contact list.  If this is incorrect, please respond and request to be removed.  I am sending this to all parents/ guardians of my students to communicate the process/ procedures and expectations for the online learning activities we will be doing for social studies and gifted classes. 

    Here is what I need you to do:

    • FIRST: Please send a reply with your child’s name, and your name so that I can log this contact, or please email me with your contact information.

    • Second: If you have not already done so, please locate my teacher web page at:

    https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/21262 and click on the tab located on the left with the name of your child’s class.

    When you open the tab, on the left side there is information about how to join Remind for that specific class group, which is available through the web, or through the app.  This is the best way to correspond with me as it sends the message straight to my phone.

    This tab also has the Google Classroom code for each specific class, and the vocabulary.com code.

    • Student textbooks can be accessed online through their portal under the schedule button.

    • Google Classroom will be the main place where students will be assigned their work, will turn in their work, and take quizzes. This should not be new to the students as we have been using Google Classroom all year.

    • This week assignments will be posted on Wed. and will be due Sunday night by midnight.

    • From now on, assignments for the week will be posted on Mondays and due by the following Sunday night at midnight.


    We are all in this together, and I know we can rise to the challenges of online learning.  Please let me know if you have questions.  My office hours and contact info will be posted on my web page.




    Traci McCarthy

    Teacher of the Gifted

    6th Grade World History and World History Advanced

    7th Grade Civics Advanced

    8th Grade American History Advanced











    Spring Break is over...except we are still not back in school.

    While you are out, you may be concerned that we are getting behind.  In order to allay your concerns, the county has developed activities that can be completed at home.  For those without internet access, this will NOT affect your grade in a negative way.  Additionally, you are not to submit this work on paper.  I will create assignment places in my Google classrooms where you can house your work if you want to submit it.  


    For my gifted students and overachieving students, I will be adding interesting links that I find that will help you to explore your interests which include, but are not limited to coding, biology, virtual fieldtrips, youtube videos, and animals while we have this time away from the school campus.  There are many STEM activities that can be done at home, websites that can be explored at home, and free sites for Ebooks and audiobooks.  Enjoy learning during this time by finding things that interest you, and dive in!

    If you need to reach me, email is the best way. Stay safe!







    Semester 2 is HERE! Please make a note of the following:

     With the month of January almost gone, I need to make sure all of my students are parents know what I expect.

    As per my syllabus, assignments turned in late will be accepted for half credit.

    Tests, assignments and projects can always be "redone" for a better grade outside of class time.

    My expectations for discipline have not changed, but my policy is now more specific.

    The progression for discipline is as follows:

    1.) verbal correction/ move seat

    2.) discipline assignment see letter below/ 1 day silent lunch

    3.) discipline assignment see letter below/ 3 days silent lunch

    4.) Referral

     I am posting this letter on my webpage for your reference in order to keep you informed of how I run my classroom.

    McCarthy’s Discipline Assignment            # ____                                                                                  Date:

    Silent Lunch Dates:  __________,  ___________,  __________

    Mrs. McCarthy has made it clear that she DOES NOT allow food or drinks other than bottled water in her class.  Toys and other distracting things should be left at home, or will be confiscated.  When I come into Mrs. McCarthy’s class, I am to listen to her instructions, get my folder from the crate, take out my pencil, and start on bellwork.  My bellwork paper for the week should be kept in my folder at all times until Friday, when I turn in my bellwork to the tray.  Although we work in groups and work together, I understand that I am only allowed to talk at certain times.  In order to allow every student the opportunity to learn, she has made it clear that I am to stay in my seat, raise my hand if I want to speak, and follow her directions.  When we walk to and from lunch or the media center, I am to walk in a straight line (one behind the other) and my voice is to be in a whisper so I do not disturb the other classes.  At the end of class, Mrs. McCarthy does not dismiss the class until the Chromebooks are put away and plugged in the correct slots and there is no paper or trash left on the floor or in the desks.  This assignment has been given to me because I _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.  I understand that my parent/ guardian must sign and date this in order to have my silent lunch reduced from 3 days to 2.  If my parent wishes to reach Mrs. McCarthy, she can be contacted by the following methods:

    Phone:  352-671-6325 extension 52178

    Email: traci.mccarthy@marion.k12.fl.us

    The Remind App





    THink fast Elementary Gifted

    This is my first year teaching the gifted students at the elementary level.  I am excited to explore areas that interest the students and will be conducting surveys, examining curriculum maps and conferring with the classroom teachers to develop activities that will propel these students forward in their education while having fun at the same time!









    Welcome Back to All Students!

    Welcome Back

    6th, 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies!

    Flag and Globe

    I am looking forward to an exciting year as we aim high toward our collective student goals.  We will be learning about all things social studies!  In 8th grade advanced American History, we will learn about the early years before our country was founded through Reconstruction after the Civil War.  In 7th Grade Advanced Civics, we will be learning about our rights and responsibilities as it applies to the roles of our government and its citizens.  In 6th Grade Advanced and Regular classes we will learn about ancient civilizations, maps, charts, graphs while we examine documents from long ago.  Students will be able to show what they know in many ways as they strive to master the content.