• Welcome to Mr. Villarreal's page regarding the distance learning plan implemented due to the situation regarding COVID-19 and how it has affected the classroom enviroment. This page is a hub for the different activities and assignments that we will be completing online. to complete this, a variety of different websites will be used for assessment and interaction. 

    Google Classroom

    Khan Academy




    Please also refer to my Planbook to see as well the day by day composure of the lessons that we will be completing. This page gives you all asignments and tasks for the week up to the current day of the week. These links will detail for you what assignments are due or are soon to be due. 

    7th Grade Math

    7th Grade Advanced Math

    8th Grade Cambridge

    With the situation that we are currently now all under, it is imperative that we try to retain a sense of normalcy and unity in order to persevere through this time. Starting on Wednesday April 1st, I will be hosting Zoom conferences in order to explain content and answer questions about the work that we will be going over. Along with this, students will begin their graded work for quarter 4. They will have Exit Tickets with me through Google Classroom that must be completed before 3:45 PM the day of assigning in order to recieve a grade and for their participation to be measured. They will also be recieving work and resources through Khan Academy to work on throughout the week. Finally, they will have graded quizzes and tests through Edulastic on Fridays unless otherwise specified. We will also be using programs such as DESMOS for some activities. Please make sure to look at the specified tabs for each program for a more detailed overview 

    For any questions or concerns, please contact me at trey.villarreal@marion.k12.fl.us