• Student Services

    Liberty Middle School has PRIDE!

    Students are encouraged to follow these school-wide expectations throughout the school day in any given situation. When students follow the school-wide expectations, they will be successful at Liberty Middle School in all facets of their school life! These expectations can apply to any situation, even at home! Parents are encouraged to discuss these expectations with their children.  


    Students will be rewarded for their good choices and for following the school-wide expectations with PRIDE paws. PRIDE paws can be used to purchase items at the school store or to attend special events. Students who receive no discipline referrals per nine weeks are also rewarded. The goal of these reward programs is to help students stay focused in school and to encourage strong character development as well as good choices.

    The school-wide expectations are:

    • Do your best.
    • Do what's right.
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated.