Wyomina Park

       Ms. Walker


    Welcome to Distance Learning! My goal is to have open communication and flexibility in order to make distance learning work for everyone. Please be understanding because this is new to everyone. In the following sections, you will see a plan for the upcoming weeks. I will be available through email delisia.walker@marion.k12.fl.us or through class dojo. My hours for communication will 8:00 to 10:00 and 1:00 to 3:00. If your child does not have access to a computer, please call the school so you can check out a computer.

    Programs to be done daily

    1. Reflex

    log on to reflex math and get your green light daily -go to reflexmath.com- https://accounts.explorelearning.com/reflex/student?_ click-student log in-teacher username is delisia walker -select our class walker's class- select your name**parents please note the student must get a green light to show they have completed the lesson. One lesson per day. The green circle in the top right will be filled in green. Please do not click another student's name. This will affect their grade and progress.

    2. Myon

    Sign in to your desktop and go to MyOn. Remember that you should be reading AT LEAST 20 MINUTES EVERY DAY. This has not changed. Your time on MyOn counts towards your reading time.  Read or listen to the book. When finished, take the test on the book. Remember you can only miss 1 question. Four questions need to be green to pass. I will be checking the level of their books and their scores.

    3. SmartyAnts

    go on to smarty ants (reading) daily and do lessons- go to play.smartyants.com- put my email as the username delisia.walker@marion.fl.k12.us and the password is your lunch number which you all know.

    4. Prodigy https://sso.prodigygame.com/game/login

    prodigy can be done daily to practice math skills. I have put 3 assignments on Prodigy for each week. I will be checking to see who logs in. You might catch me playing- so look for me and we could battle!

    5. IReady Math and Reading

    Sign in to your desktop. Remember you must have 46 minutes in Reading and 46 minutes in Math at the end of each week. You must pass each Lesson with 70 or above for grade. I will be using I ready to track attendance. Please do 10 minutes a day. You must pass the lesson. Remember the pass rate is 70 and above. You must focus and do the work. 

    iReady games- iReady has many educational games the children can play to help them better their math knowledge and review their skills.

    6. ReadWorks Digital

    How students can get to their assignments

    1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student 

    Use the link below to login.


    2. Students enter class code 44WLPE

    3. Select the correct name (your name only)

    4. Tell your students that their default password is 1234

    Note: Students can change their passwords when they log in, and you can change student passwords on this page.

    Each week there will be three reading assignments, each having multiple choice questions and vocabulary to complete.


     Every week there will be assignments posted in the assignment section on the left. Please click here to see and do your assignments. Every week there will be:

    3 weekly math assignments

    3 weekly reading assignments

    1 weekly science assignment

    1 weekly social studies assignment


    *ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED* In order to count a child as participating, we must have some form of accountability. I am asking that EVERY child sign in to IReady Reading and Math DAILY. Once they sign in and complete at least 10 to 15 minutes, their activity pops up on my screen and counts them as active. 

     Special area teachers will create lessons for 2-grade levels each week and then rotate through the 3 upcoming weeks.  Students will have ONE special each week.  You will need to visit the Specials teacher's website to see the activity planned for the week.

    Here is the rotation plan:


    April 1-3

    April 6-10

    April 13-15


    K and 1st

    2nd and 3rd

    4th and 5th


    4th and 5th

    K and 1st

    2nd and 3rd


    2nd and 3rd

    4th and 5th

    K and 1st


    Music - Mr. Sapp 

    Art - Ms. Conole

    P.E. - Coach Leinenbach or Coach Woodard