• Master Sergeant Thomas Young

    Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps


    OFFICE HOURS: OFFICE HOURS: I am available for phone calls at (352) 507-5596, my Google Voice number. You can also reach me via Remind (@fl20022) or email (Thomas.young@marion.k12.fl.us).

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    DISTANCE LEARNING: Online classes officially start on August 24th, just as traditional classes will do. However, we will incorporate Microsoft Teams into all periods, regardless of the method of instruction. Microsoft Teams is available in Office 365 on the Marion Desktop. Cadets will be automatically added to the appropriate Team, based upon their Flight / Period. Unlike 4th Quarter, all BHS Online cadets will be required to take part in virtual instruction. Attendance will be taken!


    The structure for our flights/classes is listed below. 

    Period / Flight A/B Instructor Course
    1 / ALFA Blue MSgt Young LE 300
    2 / BRAVO White Lt Col Cook AS 220
    2A / BRAVO Online White MSgt Young LE 300
    3 / CHARLIE Blue MSgt Young LE 300
    4 / DELTA White Lt Col Cook AS 220
    5 / ECHO Blue MSgt Young LE 300
    5A / ECHO Online Blue Lt Col Cook AS 220
    6 / FOXTROT White Lt Col Cook AS 220