• Mrs. Michelle Moles PreK Class News

    Our August and September focus is on my school and my school family.  We will learn our teacher’s names, our classmates’ names, school procedures, and places at our school.

    Then we will focus on families and how they are alike and different. A family should be defined as a circle of people who love and care for one another. Each child's family will be celebrated in some way and accepted by the group.

    We will be talking about the following:

    • Body parts
    • How am I alike and how am I unique?
    • Different kinds of families
    • Where do people live?

    The colors we will focus on will be red, yellow, blue and shades of brown.

    The shapes of the month are circles, squares and triangles.

    We will work on students learning the letters in their own name.

    We love to have our families participating in our program. Your participation helps your child feel important and valued. Please send the following to school with your child:

    • A baby photo of your child
    • A family photo
    • A picture of where you live
    • Any books about families  

    Photos will be displayed in the classroom, then sent home safely at the end of the school year.  Books will be returned after we read and discuss them.

    Activities for you to do at home with your child:

    • Find pictures of families in magazines, cut them out, and send them to school.
    • Find pictures of places where people live in magazines, cut them out, and send them to school.
    • Read to your child every day. If you can't find the time, ask an older sibling.
    • Point out letters you see in the environment. (i.e. P at the beginning of Publix, T at the beginning of Target, W at the beginning of Walmart, etc.)
    • Discuss the colors and shapes you see in the environment. Nature walks are full of shapes and colors.
    • When talking to your child, try to use as many adjectives as you can to encourage vocabulary and sentence structure.
    • Encourage your child to sort common household items by color, shape and size.

    Thank you so much for all you do,

    Mrs. Michelle Moles



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