• Mrs. Michelle Moles & Ms. Stephanie Boisvert's PreK Class News

    During this month we will focus on Winter.  Areas of importance:

    • Changes in the weather
    • Clothing we wear in the winter
    • How animals prepare for the winter
    • Concepts of hot & cold

    You can help your child this month by:

    • Reading to your child every day.
    • Taking walks outside, observing and discussing the changes of the season.
    • Looking for things that are different shades of blue and white.
    • Pointing out things that begin with the letter Ww, Kk, Aa or Bb.
    • Talking about Winter.
    • Pointing out objects in the environment that have an octagon shape.  Talk about the shapes that you see in buildings and other objects in the environment.

    Topic of Study:          Winter

    Colors:                     White and shades of Blue

    Shapes:                    octagon

    Letters:                    Ww, Kk, Aa, Bb


    We love our families to participate in our program and monthly themes. Your participation helps your child feel important and valued. Please check out the list below for activities you can do at home this month. 

    *Find objects that begin with Ww, Kk, Aa, and/or Bb and send to school for us to share.

    *Find objects that have the octagon shape and send to school for us to share.

    *Find objects that are white or shades of blue and send to school for us to share.

    *Send in any Winter books for your child to share.


    Thank you so much for all you do,

    Mrs. Michelle Moles and Ms. Stephanie Boisvert



    Please explore the web pages I have put together on the left hand side of this website.  Here are short descriptions of what these pages contain.

    Teacher Homepage-This page!  This is the page you will come to first. I will post important announcements here and keep you updated about our monthly themes.

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    Per district policy your child will be required to have and wear a face covering when socially distancing is not possible.  Please put an extra one or two in your child's backpack in case the one they are wearing becomes soiled during the day.