• Mrs. Escobar's First Grade Class

    Welcome to my webpage! I will be working in a classroom setting this school year but, I have also set up Microsoft Teams online to help my students get use to working in teams and get extra practice on assignments that we have worked with in class. Also, if schools happen to close down again our teams will be ready for use. I have attached a link below that will show a video with step by step instructions on how to log into Mircosoft Teams. In order to access the video you need to copy the link and attach it to a new search engine like Google, so you can watch it. If parents decide to go and explore teams with their child, they will not find any assignments on there yet. The assignments will begin posting on Monday morning at 7am but, you can still see what teams is made up of and read a breif welcome note that I have written in the Language Arts teams icon.This online learning will be filled with new and exciting things. I hope that all my boys and girls will become familar with using it so that way, if schools do happen to close down again their academic learning will not be interupted. I am looking forward to working with all my boys and girls in this new, different and exciting school year. I am also looking forward  to see them all in class on Morning morning. Furthermore, parents if you need to reach me any time throuout the school year, you can do it by emailing me at yvette.escobar@marion.k12.fl.us. , calling the school, or sending me a note in your childs binder. 

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Escobar