Energy Management

  • Recognizing that energy efficiency and conservation while exercising sound financial management is in the best interest of the Marion County Public School District, its personnel and students, as well as the taxpaying public, the Board annually adopts an Energy Management Program (EMP) to control and optimize the cost and consumption of energy and energy related products. The Marion County School District spends over 8 MILLION DOLLARS per year on utilities.


    The EMP is developed by the Energy Education Specialists. The principal will be accountable for energy management on his/her campus with energy audits being conducted and conservation program outlines being updated. Judicious use of the various energy systems of each campus will be the joint responsibility of the principal and head custodian to ensure that an efficient energy posture is maintained on a daily basis.


    To ensure the overall success of the Energy Management Program, the following are specific areas of emphasis:

    1. All district personnel will be expected to contribute to energy efficiency in our district. Every person will be expected to be an “energy saver” as well as an “energy consumer.”
    2. Participation in the Energy Management Program on his/her campus will be made a part of the principal’s annual evaluation.
    3. Administrative Energy Guidelines will be adopted that will be the “rules of the game” in implementing our EMP.