• CTE Program - Business Management and Analysis


    Digital Information Technology

    This class explores foundational concepts of Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We will focus on using the programs to create real-world projects and applications, such as resumes and cover letters, budgets and presentations. This class is a great foundational class in teaching skills that will be used in future high school and college classes, as well as in the workforce. Students have the opportunity to earn Microsoft Office Specialist certifications at no cost. Computer Fundamentals counts as an online course to meet the graduation requirement of taking a minimum of one online course during high school. 


    Business & Entrepreneurial Principles

    In this course, topics covered are those of importance to a small-business owner. Students learn about the process of entrepreneurship from the planning stages through opening of the business, as well as consideration of future planning and goal setting. Students will participate in numerous hands-on activities and have the opportunity to plan for their own business enterprise. 


    Accounting Applications

    This course covers basics of financial accounting. Students learn about the accounting cycle and related activities, including how to maintain records for a business. Students have the opportunity to earn certification in QuickBooks, and the course also teaches students the foundations of using QuickBooks software. 


    Management and Human Resources

    This class is a senior-level course designed as the culminating course in the business academy series. Students explore concepts in management, leadership, and human resources. We utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills through case studies and discussion of real-world scenarios, as well as practical, hands-on activities. This is an excellent course for any student considering a career in business or management. 


    Course Sequence:

    • Digital Information Technology
    • Business & Entrepreneurial Principles
    • Accounting Applications
    • Management and Human Resources


    Potential Certifications: 

    • Microsoft Office Specialist
    • QuickBooks


    College Articulations:

    Students completing this program and earning industry certification have the opportunity to earn college credits at the College of Central Florida

    A.s Degree in Business Administration - Up to 12 credits