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    Cusriosity sparks interest!

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    Science is for everybody-kids included!

    Distance Learning Update-Please read!


    As of Monday April 6th (NOT before Monday) We Will NO longer be using Microsoft Teams for our classes. We will now use Google Classroom which you will find is much more user friendly. I will grade the assignments that were and still are being completed in Microsoft Teams. Moving forward, starting Monday,assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. Please check your school email for this invite. Please submit all assignments through google classroom. This will help from getting so  mny emails in different formats from students. If you need help getting into the etextbook please see the link below. I appreciate all of you and your hard work as we transition into making our virtual learning experience easier and more fun


    Office hours will be morning 10am-11am and afternoon 3pm-4pm Monday through Friday via email. The best way to reach me is email. If you would like me to call you please email me individually. 

    Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to access and write in your etextbook for use when needed.