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    Programs that can be done daily

    Programs that can be done daily

    •  log on to reflex math and get your green light daily -go to reflexmath.com- click log in-student log in-teaher username is Wheelere -select our class wheeler 19-20- select your name**parents please note to have your green light the green circle in the top right will be filled in green. https://www.reflexmath.com/
    • go onto myon daily which is a tile on your portal  after you log in -to read books
    • go on to smarty ants (reading) daily and do lessons- go to play.smartyants.com- put my email as the username erin.wheeler@marion.fl.k12.us and the password is your lunch number which you all know.https://play.smartyants.com/login
    • prodigy can be done on daily to practice math skills. https://sso.prodigygame.com/game/start
    • iReady -46 minutes in math and 46 minutes in reading is required weekly with a pass rate of 70 or above.
    • IReady games- iReady has many educational games the children can play to help them better their math knowledge and review their skills. 
    • 3 digit subtraction game- there is a game which we used to play in the classroom the kids think it is fun. All you have to do is go to google and then type in the search box 3 digit subtraction game. The first link that comes up is to education.com. When you click it you will see the mountain borrowing game.https://www.education.com/game/three-digit-subtraction-mountain/
    • practice telling time game https://www.education.com/game/set-clock-5-minutes/ 
    • Practice all 2nd grade math skillshttps://www.iknowit.com/ this is a free website whith all the 2nd grade math standards for children to practice. This can be done daily and is excellent to help the students remember and practice all the math standards and be prepared for 3rd grade.










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