• WPHS Homecoming Dance Date:  September 24, 2022

    Theme: OUT OF THIS WORLD (Outer Space Theme)

    Students & guests will not have a physical ticket, but will be on a master list.  Students must provide a picture ID to enter the dance. 



    There are NO REFUNDS.

    Dance ticket sales will END on Friday, September 23rd at 3:00 pm.


    Dance starts at 8 pm and ends at 11 pm. Doors are locked at 9:00 pm.  Students may not leave before 10:30 pm.


    Guest Permission Form

    • The LAST day to submit outside guest forms for approval will be TUESDAY, September 13th, IF THEY ARE OVER 18 OR DO NOT ATTEND A HIGH SCHOOL. The last day to submit a form for guests that are in high school is TUESDAY, September 20th. If the guest currently attends a public or private high school, they will need to have the DEAN or administrator at that school complete the approval portion. Turn in completed forms with a copy of their picture ID to Ms. Neal during ALPHA in room 5-101.


    • If the guest does NOT attend a public or private high school, the guest form must be completed and given to Ms. Neal in 5-101 and may take several days to get approval. 


    • ALL dance guests MUST be currently classified as a high school student (grades 9-12) or a graduate. Middle school students are not permitted to attend this dance. If a guest is not currently attending high school, the age limit to attend is 20.


    • If the outside guest STILL attends a public or private high school they must take the guest form below to THEIR school administrator and they will sign the form. If the form is completed BY THAT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR, West Port students CAN bring this form with them to purchase a ticket. Out-of-county, or out-of-state guests CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN A HIGH SCHOOL CAN have a school administrator complete this form electronically and email it to me directly at nikki.neal@marion.k12.fl.us. The school administrator MUST send it to me using their school email address and they may sign the form electronically with a digital signature or scan a copy of the form with an actual signature.

      If West Port students want to bring a guest to the HOCO Dance that is NOT currently enrolled in a public or private high school, they MUST complete the guest permission form and return to Ms. Neal by September 13, 2022 in order to gain approval to purchase a ticket by September 23rd. 

    • Homeschooled students ZONED FOR West Port High School MUST also complete the GUEST form and have the guidance office sign for approval that they meet the GPA requirements and are ZONED for WPHS. Students must make arrangements with me to purchase a ticket before or after school and may not come on campus to purchase a ticket during ALPHA Time.
    • If a student is homeschooled and NOT zoned for West Port High School, they must have a West Port student submit the form just like all other outside guests and must have verification of their grade level and GPA and then wait for approval. The deadline to submit the form is September 20th.


    • MTI Students ZONED for WPHS will take the guest form and have it completed by an administrator at MTI. They should return the form to Ms. Neal in 5-101. The LAST day to purchase a ticket is September 23rd at 3:00 pm . 
    • Students may NOT bring a guest that has NOT been pre-approved to the dance.


    • Attire: Semi-Formal

    • Boys:
      • Dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes
      • NO shorts, jeans, sneakers, t-shirts or other non-dressy attire will be permitted
    • Girls:
      • Dressy skirt with blouse or semi-formal dress, or dressy slacks or suits are allowed
      • Dressy shoes
      • Dresses and skirts MUST BE MID-THIGH or longer
      • NO shorts, jeans, sneakers, t-shirts or other non-dressy attire will be permitted
      • NO EXTREMELY tight skirts or dresses will be permitted
      • NO knit or type of material where the dress or skirt is too tight/form fitting and rises up


    Spirit Week Dates: September 19, 2022 - September 23, 2022

    Dress-up Theme Days

    Spirit Week Dress-up Theme Days:

    • Monday 9/19 – Men In Black (Suits v. Antennas)

    • Tuesday 9/20  – Back to the Future (Favorite Decade – Past or Future)

    • Wednesday 9/21 – What’s Your Spaceship (Anything But A Backpack)

    • Thursday 9/22 – Space Jam- Toons v. Goons (Aliens v. Jocks)

    • Friday 9/23 – Paint the Galaxy Teal & Black (Spirit Day)

      • West Port Colors: Seniors- Teal, Juniors- Black, Sophomores- Gray, Freshmen- White
    • Prizes for BEST teacher and student participation!


    Events for the Week

    Monday, September 19th: HC Door Decoration Contest judging

    • 6th period students help decorate doors to the theme the week before HC during PH
    • Doors should be up and ready to judge by the FIRST day of HC week, September 19th.
    • First place will get a class pizza party
    • BEST hallway will have a SIT block party day with free food and music after HC week is over
    • Door Decorating Contest Rubric 2022

      4=Excellent    3=Good     2=Fair     1=Attempted      0=Poor

      1. Creativity/Originality

      2. Use of Out of This World (Space Theme) theme

      3. Incorporating Defeat the Panthers

    Tuesday, September 20th: Powder Puff game at 7:00 pm in the stadium

    • Come out and cheer the girls in each of the classes
    • See Mrs. Smith to pay and play

    Wednesday, September 21st: the Wolf Pack Howl evening pep rally at 7:00 pm in the PAC

    • Clubs and sports teams will perform skits and dances geared to the HC theme
    • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
    • Recognition of club/sport HC spirit reps
    • Crowning of the Senior HOCO King & Queen at the end

    Friday, September 23rd: Homecoming game starts at 7:00 pm, half-time parade

    • Come support the Pack and enjoy the half-time show where all clubs and sports will walk in front of the home side and we may even have some floats!

    Saturday, September 24th: HOCO Dance from 8:00 pm -11:00 pm

    • Doors will open at 8:00 pm and the dance ends at 11:00 pm
    • Students can NOT be on the debt list and must have a 2.0 GPA and no discipline issues
    • Students MUST be dress code compliant to enter (see Dress Code Rules)
    • Students MUST arrive by 9:00 pm or they will not be allowed to enter
    • Students must have a photo ID to enter the dance
    • Students may not leave until 10:30 pm


    Homecoming King and Queen and Spirit Rep Homecoming Court:

      • Clubs and sports nominate students to represent them from each grade level.
      • Students will vote for the Spirit Reps for each grade and the Homecoming King & Queen, which counts for 50% of their score.
      • All Spirit Reps, including Seniors, must dress-up and participate in ALL HOCO week events to get points, which makes up the other 50% of their score. Students will get more points for actually participating in the Powder Puff game and in a club/sport skit at the Howl Show. Students must see Ms. Neal in room 5-101 before school to get checked-in for dress-up days
      • The Senior male and female with the most points will be crowned as the Homecoming King & Queen at the Howl Show. The top Spirit Rep for each grade will make up our Homecoming Court and will also be featured in our halftime parade.  

        Dress-up days: 20 points max






        Outfit met the theme of the day, excellent creativity, went above & beyond for design and accessories

        Outfit met the theme, was pretty creative, design & accessories good

        Outfit met the theme, was somewhat creative, some accessories

        Outfit met the theme but creativity and design were mediocre or not much thought involved

        Did not dress-up

        Powder Puff Game: 10 points max




        Played or coached

        Attended the game

        Did not attend

        Library Scavenger Hunt: 10 points max




        Completed all clues

        Completed half the clues

        Did not participate

        Howl Show: 10 points max




        Participated in a skit/dance

        Attended the show

        Did not attend