Safe Schools Department

  • Welcome to the Safe Schools Department of Marion County Public Schools. Our primary goal is to develop, implement and administer programs designed to ensure our schools are safe environments in which to learn and work.

    The director of Safe Schools acts as a liaison between local law enforcement and Marion County Public Schools on issues that arise regarding campus security. 


    Telephone: 352-671-7274
    Fax: 352-867-2115


    Dennis McFatten (352-671-7274 Ext. 56922)


    Chris Smith (352-671-6914 Ext. 56914)

    Safe Schools Coordinator

    Darlin Viale (352-671-6981 Ext. 56981)

    Program Specialist

    Cynthhia Barnes (352-671-4925 Ext. 51988)

    Security Specialist

    Kenneth Singletary (352-671-4700 Ext. 58655)

    Security Specialist

    Eric Reese (352-291-7930 Ext. 50634)

    Security Specialist

    Caroline Pharmer (352-671-6963 Ext. 56963)

    Confidential Secretary