• Mr. Sloan

    8th Grade Pre-Algebra


    This year I'm teaching students 8th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 Honors. As of Quarter 2, I am teaching both online and in-person classes.


    Due to Covid 19, this year is going to be quite different than previous years'. The challenges faced may seem great at times, but I'm confident that, with preparation, tenacity, a positive attitude, and hard work, we can overcome the challenges we are facing and create a positive learning environment where students will engage with their teacher and each other, even online, to achieve social development and academic learning gains over the course of the school year.


    For online learning this year, students access classes through the MCPS Student Portal using Microsoft Teams as the primary platform for class communication and collaboration. You will find more information about how students can access their Microsoft Teams Classes as well as my student expectations for online learning by navigating to the First Week of School page on my website (use the navigation links to access this page)


    For my online classes, students will have an invite to a Team Meeting for each class; class meetings are held most every class period, however, on the rare occasion that a class meeting is cancelled, students will be notified by microsoft Teams notification of the change to the normal routine and expecations for that class period via an agenda with expectations for the class period. Students can easily locate their scheduled meetings in Microsoft Teams by clicking on the Calendar app in Microsoft Teams, and locating any scheduled meetings for the day. By clicking on the Team Meeting link lin the Calendar app, students will be able to join scheduled meetings in a video conference format.


    This is just an overview, however. Please visit the First Week of School page on my website to read more about using Microsoft Teams, accessing my syllabus, and student expectations for online learning. 


    Students and parents may contact me with questions by email: isaac.sloan@marion.k12.fl.us