• Hope you enjoyed the long weekend! As you all know today is the last day for Seniors grades and this is the last week for everybody else. All the assignments will show as past due because they all closed last Friday or before. I will be finalizing grades for Seniors today, Tuesday. Everybody else have until this coming Thursday to submit any work so I have time to grade it and post it in Skyward. Do your best, keep strong, and be safe.
    Regards, Mrs Muniz.


    Hi guys! 

    Hope you are safe and healthy!  This is almost over and I just posted all the activities, assignments and tests that you need to submit to finish your Spanish course.  Seniors have until the 20th to submit everything because I need to grade your work, specially the writing and the speaking, and post it in Skyward not later than the 26th of May.  All others have until the 22nd to finish and submit so I have enough time to grade your work, specially the speaking and writing as well.  Stay focused, stay strong, stay motivated to finish in a positive note so you don't have to spend summer remediating but enjoying.  Here is a short video prepared by one of our teachers, Ms. Feliciano, to help you keep on top of things.  Love!  Mrs. Muniz

    Time Management Tips





    Hi guys!

    Hope that you are keeping yourselves safe at home!

     Zoom Meeting Minutes:

    How is everyone?  

    Assignments will be through VHL and Google Classroom only.  

    I will be grading work this week and posting for PR4.  

    There are exercises on VHL that are due April 10th and 24th on listening, speaking and reading/writing for both Spanish 1 and 2.

    The link for Mi montruo and the speaking activity are under the Assignments tab in GC.

    Email me or post on GC any questions or concerns.

    Submit assignments on Google Classroom or VHL only. You can use vocaroo.com to record yourself speaking and upload it to GC.   Do not send in email please!

    These are the google classroom ids by period.  Please sign in to your period asap. 

    Pd 1 34oxyxq,

    Pd 2 ytixbnf,

    Pd 3 ntqqhob,

    Pd 4 3z4gbog,

    Pd 5 357wtcy,

    Pd 6 rdlhnvn

    In Google classroom you will find the lesson plan for lesson 6 De compras and lesson 5 En la ciudad.  You will be able to find and submit assignments.

     Now please go to the Assignments page for details on the work to be done.

    Thanks and be safe!


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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • List of vocabulary words and phrases you will use during the school year.  Study 5 words or phrases per day.  These words will be assessed in bellwork, quizzes and exit tickets.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • This packet is the review for transition from Spanish 1 to Spanish 2.  Make sure you study it everyday and do the exercises as instructed by the teacher.


  • All assignments in VHL and GC are already past due.  Make sure you have submitted everything by today.  The very last day for submittals will be Thursday at  3:00 pm so I have enough time to grade all the work and post by next Monday.

    Be safe and healthy!

    Hi guys!

    Hope you're doing great and staying safe at home.  I opened assignments for you on the VHL website that you go through the students portal.  They close on Friday, April 10th and April 24th, May 1, 8, and 15. Remember that there are assignments in GC too with the same due dates.   Please work on them as quickly as you can and submit all your work to get it graded.

    There are new activities based on Fotonovela and Cultura for the units of De compras and En la ciudad in GC and VHL that are due on May 1.  Spanish 2 also have activities for Lesson 6 El bienestar.

    Love you guys!

    Felsy Muniz

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