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    Wecome to Pre-K Distance Learning with Ms. Piperato and Mrs. Tripp

    Dear Families,

    A big thanks to all our families and Mrs. Tripp for making our ZOOM sessions a huge success. We will continue every Friday up until the first of June.

     Pre-K At Home Learning Packet # 7 was emailed 5/8/20 (Every Kid Healthy with Otter the Potter).This is for the week of May 11-May 15th. It is also on the page titled Assignments. This packet is not intended to replace our monthly themes. Therefore, you will need to check your emails and the teacher website for assignments. The page titled Assignments will archive the Pre-K At Home Learning Packets.  You will most likely have to download it to see all of it. The page titled Online Resources will take you directly to online resources if you click on the title.  The page Titled Music and Movement will have all kinds of fun things for you and your child to enjoy! This is a big change for all of us, but as a school family we can do anything we set our minds to. 

    Our new theme, Oceans and Ocean Life will begin May 8 and end on June 1, 20. Please try to enage your child in the theme related activities listed below.

    The experiences planned for your child during this month should focus on animals that live in the oceans. Oceans cover over 70% of the earth's surface. Many different animals live in the oceans and these animals are important to the well being of our world. It is important for chldren to appreciate the value of our oceans and the many different forms of life they support. This should be an introdcution to the varied life that exisits on our oceans and should help children develop knowledge about how these animals grow and live. An animal made every shell and many animals that live in the ocean provide us with food that is healthy for our bodies. This kind of information makes children curious an eager learners and helps them develop knowledge about the world we live in that will help them comprehend concepts they must work with when they enter higher grades.

    The colors of the month will be shades of blue

    Shape: Ellipse or Oval (squashed circle, football shape)

    Letters: Dd and Pp

    Jack Hartman Letter Dd                                 Oceans of Life                                                Starfish Walking

    Jack Hartman Letter Dd                                 All About Orcas                                              The Outrageous Octopus

    Jack Hartman Letter Pp                                  Baleen vs Toothed Whales

    Jack Hartman Letter Pp                                  Whales

    We love when our families  participate in our program. Your participation helps your child feel important and lets them know that you value them and their education. Please try to engage your child with the ideas below. Just click on the titles and the link will pop up! More online resources for art, literacy, math and science on our Online Resources Page. For more fun and music go to the Music and Movement Page.

    • Objects that begin with the letters Dd and Pp or replicas and toy ocean animals
    • Alphabet or shape books to be read to your child
    • Any books and activities about Oceans and Ocean Life

      Areas of Importance:

    • Things we eat that come from the ocean

    • Information about animals that live in the ocean

    • Things that people do in and on the ocean 


    Activities for you to do daily.

    • Read to your child every day.
    • Point out letters you see in the environment. (i.e. P at the beginning of Publix, T at the beginning of Target, W at the beginning of Walmart, etc.)
    • Discuss the colors and shapes you see in the environment
    • Point out elliptical or oval shaped objects and objects the colors of blue



    Thank you,

    Ms. Piperato and Mrs. Tripp



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