I truly hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. My thoughts and prayers are certainly with you all during this crisis and I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon! 


    With the hybrid plan for student attendance this fall, I will have both in person and online classes. The workload will be the same for whichever format you have chosen to attend school this fall. You will need to have computer access whether you are on campus or at home taking classes virtually. All work will be submitted online through Microsoft Teams (you will receive a code to join this the first day of school). I am doing this to (a) cut down on the contact and potential spread of virus and (b) save you from having to buy materials, and (c) make it easy for students to easily access all class materials.


     All class communication and updates will take place through Microsoft Teams. I ask that you only email me if you are having difficulty using Microsoft Teams. Again, you will have more details regarding this platform the first week of school. 


    All students will have access to Microsoft Teams to turn in work and communicate with me. Additionally, online students will have the same information relayed and available to them that on campus students have. I will utilize a Youtube channel for notes and lectures for discussion. There will be very powerpoint notes and supplemental materials posted in the files section of Microsoft Teams. My courses are designed as discussion, interactive, and application based learning. The work assigned will supplement these instructional goals.

     I believe my students should learn to be autonomous and take ownership of their education. With this being said, I encourage my students to utilize alternative resources to supplement what we study over the duration of each respective course/unit. Any notes or Powerpoints will be placed in the Gallery section of this website in addition to the Files section in their Microsoft Teams page for each section we are covering. In addition, please feel free to look up videos on Khan Academy or other online platforms to enhance your learning experience.