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    I am super excited about this 2019/20 school year! I have been with the Marion County School system for almost 13 years now and with every passing year, the excitement starting a new one never fades. With this enthusiasm, in addition to being focused and driven, creates an atmosphere that fosters student growth. My philosophy is simple; children can learn if they feel safe and cared for. This is my third year as an ESE teacher and I am looking forward to meeting the students and families here at Legacy Elementary School. I will be servicing grades Kindergarten, first and fourth grades. Working together, I know the students can and will achieve academic success. To all the parents and caregivers of my students, if your child needs assistance with any assignments in Mathematics or Reading/ELA during the online learning platforms, please reach out by email. My teacher website may continually change throughout this way of learning so please visit often when you can. I will do my best to support all my students' needs during this time. Thank you all and be safe. One more thing, please let your child know that I am proud of them and I miss them.


    For my 4th graders, I will be having zoom sessions every Friday from 09:30 am until 10:00 if any of you need extra help with your Reading or Math assignments.

    The link for zoom is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75508209175?  : Meeting ID: 755 0820 9175  Password: imissyou


    Students, these meetings are optional. If you have other meetings with teachers at this time and you need some extra support, please email me or you can talk to me during my weekly phone call to you. 

    Office Hours

    10am - 11am

    3pm - 4pm

    I can be reached at: