8th Grade Social Studies: US History

  • Mr. Jarnagin's 8th Grade U.S. History instruction will be taught primarily through the Microsoft Teams application, however, we will be using Google Classroom, Discovery Education, and HMH Ed (e-textbook) as well as the Guided Reading Workbook. Be sure to log in to Microsoft Teams every day to participate in the classroom (this includes attendance, activities, and assignments). Assignments will be similar to the classroom approach and will include: 

    • Vocabulary (Guided Reading Workbook)
    • Reading (using the e-Textbook)
    • Worksheets
    • Map activities
    • Timeline activities
    • Discovery Education videos
    • Lectures
    • Powerpoint notes and presentations

    Contact information: ian.jarnagin@marion.k12.fl.us

    I am available from 9:25 am - 3:45 pm Monday through Friday.

    Online classes will be just like in-person classes, so be at your computer with your camera on; have your supplies nearby and be ready to learn.


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