• Welcome to 7th grade Math! 

  • * I will be utilizing Microsoft Teams for all online learning. Please access Teams through your MCPS Desktop.

  • I am so excited to begin this year of Math with all of you. We are going to be extending previous math knowledge and building new skills. 


    This year 7th grade will be covering the following units in accordance to Florida standards:

    • The number system
    • Ratios & proportional relationships
    • Expressions & equations
    • Statistics & probability
    • Geometry


    Homework will be assigned weekly and will be posted under the assignments tab, with all necessary information like due dates, pages, and numbers covered. We will use homework as a tool to reinforce what we learned in class that day.


    As a reminder, when your student is absent, it is their responsibility to come to the classroom and pick up missed classwork or arrange for an alternative test date. All absent work must be returned within 3 days of returning from the absence.