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Mrs. Gibas

August 17, 2020





I think school is COOL and I LOVE to teach children...

This is my 32 year teaching in Marion County, YES, I was a teenager when I started!


BOTH of my parents were EDUCATORS right here in our district, so you could say I was born to be a TEACHER.

I went to school at the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA and I am NOT a fair weather fan, I am a DIEHARD EDU...GATOR.


I have THREE children and two NIECES who attended 8th STREET Elementary, and still tell stories of their days here.

I AM GOING TO help your students make their own MEMORIES at school.












May 11, 2020

I hope all of you moms out there had a great day yesterday. My children and I were at the beach looking for Sharks Teeth most of the weekend. Mainly we were just spending time together, the older they get the harder that is to accomplish.


Our days left of school are quickly getting smaller, it will be summer time soon but I'm not sure much will be different !  "Our" students are doing so good with their instruction and the scores I am seeing are fantastic on I-Ready. I-Ready is really the best program during distance learning because it works where each student has needs. Everyone is able to progress at their own rate.

Have a great week and email if you have any questions!!

I love all the pictures!!






May 4, 2020



This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, however I want to THANK YOU, your child's FIRST and BEST teacher. Thank you for all of your patience, kindness and support through out the school year. There is NO replacement for YOU. You know your child the best and are a great teacher, look at what you have done so far for your child, AHHHMAZING. 


I love looking at all the pictures you are sending me, families working together using life experiences to teach.  I've seen children mixing and measuring for cookies, outside appreciating this great EARTH and even children helping with chores (laundry!) and learning about responsibility. I am thankful to be a small part in your child's life and hope that I have guided them further in their journey.


Roger and I are very THANKFUL,










April 13, 2020


Hey all,


I am very sorry but I have been out of internet service for about a day and a half so not all assignments have been posted. 

I am back on line now so I will get the assignments up and running.

I was so proud of last weeks I Ready scores that I saw. Everone was focused, I can tell because our scores were SUPER!! 

Keep up the good work and remember to keep reading !


Last Week:

Morning Everyone,


I see that everyone has worked on their school work from home and I am so pround of you.

I see that IReady is being used, Social Studies Weekly has been watched and MyOn has been

accessed ! I am very excited that Easter will be here Sunday and I hope you get to hunt some

eggs. I colored my eggs yesterday and have already gotten my Easter basket out for the hunt, have you?




What letters are darker or bolded in this note?

What do they mean at the end of a word? ( when did it happen? )

Can you find more ?




Week of March 30-April 3

Hey Boys and Girls, Mrs. Marino and I miss you so much!


I hope that you are getting to play each day. I know that you are reading books and practicing your math skills.

I am going to be putting work on this webpage so that you can keep practicing all the skills you have learned in Kindergarten. 


You know, Mrs. Marino and I have been telling you for many weeks that you are ready for 1st grade. So, here is your 

chance to show everyone else. I am sure YOU CAN DO IT!





What letters are darker or bolded?


What does that mean?   (hint, doing it when?)


Can you find 2 more?