• If your child has therapies (Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, physical therapy) those therapists should be reaching out to you soon about how they will do those services.  If you do not hear from them, please let me know and I will find out how to get more information for you.  I will be available to do phone conferences daily (M-F) from 10-11 and from 2-3 just email me and let me know when and if you would like one.  We are required to take grades from work you do at home with your child, so I need for you all to take a picture weekly and email it to me so I can put a grade in.  That means I need 1 picture of a Language Arts assignment, 1 Math assignment, 1 Social Studies assignment, and 1 Science assignment sent to me once a week.  I am open to whatever you are doing at home with your child, for example if your child is helping you make dinner and you are measuring items in the kitchen that would count as a math and/or science assignment, it does not have to necessarily be a physical paper assignment.  Do not feel overwhelmed by all the assignments I put on the web page, I wanted to give a big assortment of items to look at.  The district is requiring me to put 3 tasks a week for Language Arts, 3 tasks a week for Math, 1 task a week for Science, and 1 task a week for Social Studies, I have more than that on here already for you to access.  I also included a lot in the binders we put together for those that requested them.  Any questions please feel free to email me.

  • Specials will rotate weekly. This week (April 1-3) students will have art, next week they will have music (April 6-10) and the following week they will have PE (April 13-17). Please go to art (Roche)/music (Schmittling)/PE (Hunt) webpages to find activities posted on the webpage for them.  

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  • Please look though your student's level and if they are struggling with reading the work almost independently (by there self with a little bit of help from you) go down a level to a more appropriate level for them that is on their level.  These are some resources we use in the class throughout the year. 

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