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    Welcome to Science



    Our world is alive and buzzing with the sounds of science. From technology to anatomy it’s impossible to escape the influence of the sciences on our lives. Science can be challenging, but diving into the immense complexities of the world around us is a rewarding journey.


    To me scientific learning is about understanding a body of knowledge, developing scientific skills, and applying both to everyday life.

    My philosophy of teaching is summed up in this statement: Show students a love for Science, make science content easily accessible for students, and let them experience it for themselves.

    Classroom Notes and Assignments

    Students should use their Science Notebooks as their primary source of note taking and study. In addition upcoming assignment, powerpoints, articles, interactive animation, test, quizes, and more can be found on Microsoft Teams. If you need help signing into Microsoft Teams follow the link below.


    How to sign into Teams


    Contact Me at: matthew.tripp@marion.k12.fl.us