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  • Dr. Diane Gullett, Marion County Public Schools Dr. Diane Gullett, Superintendent of Schools

         As the first-ever appointed superintendent of Marion County Public Schools in its 151-year history, I am truly honored and humbled with my appointment.  I look forward to working with our students, teachers, leaders, and entire community because Marion County feels like home. Marion County is home.

         Like other districts across the country, we are faced with the unprecedented impact from COVID-19. Our path to reopening must be based on the public health guidance and will consider a variability of potential circumstances. Assembling a task force of internal and external stakeholders is a critical first step. This task force will address critical areas like school operations, supporting social and emotional needs, personnel concerns, financial implications, instruction (including distance learning), and general safety and wellbeing. 

         It is imperative we consider these unprecedented times to exercise flexibility and sensitivity. We have learned this is an opportunity to think differently about how we educate our students and that many of our students and staff have encountered personal challenges during this pandemic.

         My husband and I raised our children in a very personal, small-town community that also valued neighborhood and community involvement. Our neighbors were an extension of our family, and we considered our children’s friends as if they were our own. Our lives have been spent participating and volunteering at their athletic, arts and school events and with our church and community. Our faith and value of family are priorities in our lives, and we recognize this is why Marion feels like home to us.

         I want to reassure our team I am keenly aware of the concern about sweeping changes of past superintendents.  Any changes will be thoughtful and purely designed to improve the delivery of education to our children.

         Though I spent my career until now in considerably larger school districts, the atmosphere and values of Marion County align with my own. As someone who invests fully in not only the work of the school system but the community I serve, I realize this is where I contribute the most.

         In every decision I make, I will always do what is best for students and the community. This will never change. I am excited about settling in and look forward to meeting everyone face to face and engaging in the work together.

         I've learned when faced with conflicting interests and agendas from various parties, always be true to yourself and stand by decisions you know are right. 

         I am blessed with an amazing husband and three wonderful sons and am thrilled when we are all together. I love to travel, and as an independent traveler, I enjoy planning our journeys that have led us across the country and around the world. We have snow skied as a family since our boys were very young, and as a die-hard Gator, I love visiting The Swamp. When not on the road, I love going to the beach, spending time outdoors and supporting community and arts events.

    About Superintendent Gullett

         By unanimous appointment of the Marion County School Board, Dr. Gullett stood out above 46 other candidates in Spring 2020 for the top educator spot in Marion County. With 30 years in public education, Dr. Gullett leads day-to-day operations for the district's 43,000 students and 7,000 employees.  

         Dr. Gullett holds a doctorate in educational leadership specializing in business administration from the University of Central Florida. A die-hard Gator, her undergraduate degree in elementary education comes from the University of Florida.  She attended the Harvard Institute for Superintendents and District Leaders in 2017 and most recently earned her Certificate in Education Finance from Georgetown University.

         Dr. Gullet served with Orange County Public Schools for 19 years, first as an elementary school dean then rising through the ranks to become area superintendent.  She moved to Nevada in 2018 for the number two spot, working with Clark County Schools, the fifth-largest district in the nation with 232,000 students and over 42,000 employees.

         In 2018, Marion County voters approved a measure directing school board members to appoint future superintendents.  She is the first-ever appointed superintendent in Marion County Public Schools.

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