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  • MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THE CORRECT 'REMIND' CLASS. It should say: "English 3_Chambers_2020

    --> there are NOT separate classes for each class period because everyone is doing the same thing each day. 

    Instructions for how to sign up for 'Remind':

    Send a text to: 81010

    Text this message: @48d283


    'Remind' is an excellent way to get in touch with me and not have to worry about email issues. I am the only one who will see the messages you send. 

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  • UPDATE: 4/9/40

    Because some of you didn't finish 'The Devil and Tom Walker' questions before break, or by the time they were due yesterday, or seemed to have computer issues - I posted them in a new assignment in GoogleClassroom in a Google Doc. The story is also attached to the assignment. Redo and resubmit the assignment for a better grade. You can still access your answers from your previous submission (through email link they sent to you - or another way if you find it). 


    Don't forget to review the new PowerPoint about the Roaring Twenties and take the quiz in GoogleClassroom. DUE 4/15/20


    The Great Gatsby study guide Chapter 1-3 will be posted later today. DUE: 4/24/20

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  • Link to intro PowerPoint for 'The Great Gatsby' 


    'roaring Twenties' Intro PPT


    Quiz now posted in GoogleClassroom - due 4/15/20

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  • Update 05/07/20:

    We will now be reading The Great Gatsby. I have posted links below to the full text (full book) of The Great Gatsby, the full book with read along audio, and cliffnotes and sparknotes summary links. Please make use of all of these resources. there are more out there as well, so feel free to look up what works for you. 

    The movie is similar, but not identical. I don't have a free link to the movie, but I recommend watching it if you get the chance. 

    Youtube has free audibook options for the book as well. 

    Tomorrow I will post a background notes PowerPoint. Thursday a quiz will open on GoogleClassroom. It will be similar to the other quiz in GoogleClassroom in that you can only open that window in your browser; if you open any others, it will lock you out of the quiz - no exceptions. So I would recommend taking notes on the PowerPoint (or printing it out, etc. I won't be there to see anyway). 

    The quiz will be due by Wednesday 4/15/20.


    Friday I will post all of the study guides for The Great Gatsby. They will be for several chapters at a time. You will need to complete at least one per week and submit them to GoogleClassroom. However, you can work ahead. 

    As always, please don't hesitate to email me or use Remind to ask me any questions you might have. 


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  • 04/01/20_Update

    As many of you may have heard, we (and all of your other teachers)  are beginning with virtual assignments today. If you haven't been receiving the Skylert phonecalls, make sure to go into your student profile and update your contact information. 

    Due to many of my students not receiving, or bothering to listen to, the updates, your first two assignments will be the same ones you were SUPPOSED to finish before break. The 'Words to Know' Presentation and 'The Devil and Tom' Walker' Questions. 

    • there is a link to the full story on my homepage (the one you're on now) - just scroll down. 
    • The assignments and instructions are posted in GoogleClassroom. 
    • Both are to be turned in to GoogleClassroom. Pay attention to the instructions for how to save the questions if you don't do them all at once. 
    • If you have already finished both assignments, excellent, you are done until next week. 
      • If your answers that you've already turned in will be identical to someone else's, go back and change them, or keep them and receive a 0% for cheating. 
    • If you have not already finished, these assignments are due by Wednesday, April 8th. 
      • For those of you who are already finished, your grades will be going in this week. 


    The next thing we will be doing is reading The Great Gatsby. I will post a link to the full text. There are also audio versions for free on youtube and a movie. 

    • I will post all of the study guides ahead of time so if you want to work ahead, that is fine. 
    • All assignments will be turned in to GoogleClassroom. 


    I will also be setting up a 'Remind' account for each class. This will be posted lkater today. Remind will be a good way for you to communicate with me and not have your email be lost amongst the many they continue to send us. 

    • The information to sign up will be posted by midnight tonight. 

    As always, if you have any questions, for now, please email me at Meghan.Chambers@marion.k12.fl.us

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  • UPDATE 3/29/20:

    Hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to give an update on what is going on in my class so far. 

    • The materials posted on school websites and that you may have received Skylert calls about are supplementary materials - they are NOT required. Teachers are not supposed to grade them. 
      • However, you know I encourage learning in any form. So I recommend doing SOMETHING to keep your mind sharp. Take some time to learn useful things, how to balance a checkbook, work on your resume (learn how to make a good one), learn to cook (or learn new recipes). All in all, be productive in some way. Make good decisions. 
    • I'm not sure when I will be creating/assigning required work. We still don't have any confirmed information; but I will keep y'all updated whenever I learn anything new. 
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  • 'The Devil and Tom Walker' Intro Notes

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  • 'The Devil and Tom Walker' Words to Know

    • miser
    • usurer
    • termagant
    • melancholy
    • famine
    • parsimony
    • superfluous
    • avarice
    • obstinate
    • doleful
    • emblem
    • hewn
    • persecution
    • quagmire
    • propitiate
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  • Link to: 'The Devil and Tom Walker' _ Student Text

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  • If you have any questions on assignments, grading, etc. please don't hesistate to email me at meghan.chambers@marion.k12.fl.us

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  • Transcendentalism - Dark Romanticism _background ppt

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  • Hey guys!!


    If you have any questions on assignments or grades  please don't hesitate to email me at meghan.chambers@marion.k12.fl.us


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