• Peachwave


    Peachwave East and West will be having a Bull's Spirit Night 10/4, 4PM - 10PM!  10% of your sale will de donated to our school.  Come out and ride the wave with the Howard Bulls!  Don't forget to tell them your there for HMS.  

     Chick Fil A

    HMS spirit night has moved to the 1st Thursday of the Month!  From 5 to 8pm, 10% of the purchases that tell them they are with Howard will be donated to our school.  Come out and Eat more chicken HMS Bulls.


     Papa John's Pizza Night Every 2nd Thursday of the month is our Pizza Night.  When you order pizza with Papa John's on these nights, 10% of the sales that say, "We are with Howard and our 1A Homeroom teacher is_________," comes back to our school.  So, take the night off and enjoy some Papa John's.

     Race Wash Race Wash of Ocala is helping to fundraise for HMS.  Anytime you go to wash your car at Race Wash, punch in the fundraiser code 0051.  10% of the total purchase will be donated to Howard. 


    Teachers, students, and Staff head over to PDQ every 4th Tuesday of the month to earn money for our school while enjoying a night filled with school spirit!  10% of your purchase will de donated to our school.  Don't forget to tell them your from Howard Middle School!

     Chipotle Chipotle Night will be Thursday 10/20/16.  Chipotle will donate 50% of the sales raised by our school's Television Production Department.  You must tell them you are with Howard Middle school for our school to get the sale.