Greenway's Safety Patrol Program

  • Greenway Elementary will implement the Safety Patrol Program, which is sponsored by AAA.  The primary purpose of this character-building program is to enhance the safety of our students and build positive relationships between students and staff.  In addition, this promotes the development of leadership skills and good citizenship qualities.  A safety patrol's job is to model for students the safety rules that have been taught in the classroom, to assist students in safe transitions throughout the school, and to keep students safe on campus by communicating in a positive manner.  Patrols receive instructions in safety guidelines and procedures during their training and regular patrol meetings. 

    The duties of all patrols are to:

    • Compliment students observed following safety rules

    • Fulfill the duties at their designated post

    • Remind students of safety procedures on school grounds

    • Report for duty on time with proper equipment

    • Know and follow Greenway's school-wide expectations

    • Report to the dean, Mr. Fronius or Mrs. Holt

    • Attend and participate in all patrol meeting and trainings

    Safety patrols are selected from the fifth grade with input provided from teachers.  Consideration is based on leadership qualities, commitment, responsibility, self-discipline, high academic standing and attitude toward others.  Safety patrols must have permission from their parents to participate.  Being a member of the Safety Patrol is considered "special" and members are expected to arrive early to school or to stay late depending on the post in which they are assigned, maintain excellence in their academic studies, and commit to setting an example on and off duty.

    * Members of the Safety Patrol must remain in good academic standing in all subject areas and model good behavior choices.  Discipline referrals will result in dismissal from the Safety Patrol program. *




2019-20 Fall Safety Patrols

2019-20 Spring Safety Patrols