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  • Hello families and Welcome to our Virtual Classroom! 

      In the wake of the current events with COVID 19 we have made adjustments to what could be a "new normal" for our schools and counties affected by the coronavirus. With that said, I know that you are doing everything you can to best assist in your child's educational needs. Therefore I will do my best to provide quality instructional materials that best facilitate student learning virtually just as it would in the classroom. Please keep in mind that this virtual platform is new to me so bear with me as I work out the kinks (so to speak) for using this new remote learning program.


  • Sample student schedule

    • Say Good Morning to Mrs. Hafner-5 min (don't forget to share your happy thought)
    • ELA-25-30 min-Mondays 9-10am live lessons on Zoom
    • iReady Reading-15 min
    • Physical activity (Go Noodle, outside, etc)-15-20 min-Recess on Zoom 1030-1130
    • Reading-20 min+
    • Social Studies-15-20 min
    • Don’t forget lunch-yum
    • Physical activity (Go Noodle, outside, etc)-15-20 min
    • Art/Music-15-20 min
    • Math-20-30 min-Mondays 12-1 live lessons on Zoom
    • iReady Math-15 min
    • Science-15-20 min
    • See you tomorrow
  • Take a look!


     Three weeks left!  This school year has flown by.  I cannot believe we have been distance learning for six weeks already.  It has been a tough road, but you guys are doing great.  I miss our classroom and I miss you, but we can still finish strong!  Keep working hard! A

    This is still where you will find:

    • documents for assignments 
    • video lessons and powerpoints-these will be the same as the Zoom lessons
    • Mrs. Hafner reading Charlotte's Web

    The new website were you will complete the asignments is edulastic.com.  Each subject has its own class code:

    • ELA-KN6JT
    • Math-3D9L6
    • Social Studies-9RI5
    • Science-XJ602

    Student login is the same as Google Classroom.   

    *We will still be using iReady, StemScopes, Studies Weekly, and Think Central for assignments, so pay attention to where the assignments shoulf be completed. 

    Also, I am starting an MTSS/Intervention group.  We will be meeting Wednesdays on Zoom for a 30 minute reading lesson, choose between 9am or 5pm.  I have contacted those students who are expected to participate, but all are welcome for a little extra reading help, please let me know if you are interested and which lesson you will be joining.  The pages for those lessons will also be available on Google Classroom. 


    Please read the Distance Learning Guide-there is important information in there that you should be aware of.

    Review the schedule, I have added live lessons for Science on Tuesdays and Social Studies on Wednesdays. 

    Thank you for the feedback I have recieved, this is great as it helps me make things better for everyone.  I have added to the assignments suggested daily plans.  This is a suggestion, please continue to do what works for you.

    Students should have picked up a packet at school that includes their workbooks so there is less printing and copying needed.  I will specify in the assignments whether the pages they need are in the workbooks or not.  Copies will also be available in Google Classroom.

    Ms. Rodriguez-my para-has offered to help students who may need extra help, or just someone to read with.  She is flexible in her schedule and is eager to be a part of your learning.  Please let me know if you would like her help and I will give her your name and contact information.

    I also am asking again that you sign up for a weekly conference with me, whether it be through Zoom or I believe I can call through one of the apps.  I just need to know days and times that are best for you.  I would like to meet with each student/parent for at least 30 min each week individually (we can do more if needed).  I prefer to keep the times between 8am and 3pm, but I am flexible as I know many of you are still working. Please contact me with this information as soon as possible.


    Grading system beginning 4/13

    Now that the students are settled into the “Distance Learning” platform, there will be a new grading system. Grades will be put on the student’s portal on Fridays. Please make sure that all written work is uploaded to Dojo for to receive proper credit.

    The breakdown for weekly grades is as follows:

    ELA – 3 grades for the week in each of the following areas-

    *Attending and participating in live lessons

    *CKLA Skills workbook assignments turned in (uploaded)

    *Completion of online tasks - iReady and Smarty Ants


    MATH - 3 grades for the week in each of the following areas-

    * Attending and participating in live lessons

    * GoMath assignments turned in (uploaded)

    *Completion of online tasks – iReady and Legends of Learning


    SOCIAL STUDIES – 2 grades for the week in each of the following areas-

    *Completion of the lesson for the week- answer questions

    * Quiz on the week’s lesson- completed online in Studies Weekly (Fridays)


    SCIENCE– 2 grades for the week in each of the following areas-

    *Completion of the lesson for the week- answer questions

    * Quiz on the week’s lesson (Fridays)


    Letter/number grades

    Grades will be given on Friday’s as follows:

    E (90-100)-

    ~Attended live lessons

    ~Uploaded all work (missing 1 or 2 assignments)

    ~Completed all online tasks

    S (80-89)-

    ~Attended at least 50% of live lessons

    ~Missing some uploaded work (missing 3 or more assignments)

    ~Completed “most” of the online tasks

    N (70-79)-

    Attended less than 50% of live lessons

    *students will not be penalized for not attending live lessons-I understand there are circumstances that may prevent them from doing this


  • Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.