• Welcome to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math.

    6th Grade Syllabus

    • Unit 1: Decimals
    • Unit 2: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
    • Unit 3: Ratios and Rates
    • Unit 4: Data Analysis
    • Unit 5: Expressions
    • Unit 6: Equations and Inequalities
    • Unit 7: Geometry
    • Unit 8: Integers and Rational Numbers
    • Unit 9: Operation of Integers
    • Unit 10: Algebraic Readiness

    7th Grade Syllabus

    • Unit 1: Integers
    • Unit 2: Rational Numbers
    • Unit 3: Expressions and Equations
    • Unit 4: Inequalities
    • Unit 5: Ratios and Proportions
    • Unit 6: Applying Proportional Relationships
    • Unit 7: Probability
    • Unit 8: Samples and Populations
    • Unit 9: Statistics
    • Unit 10: Expressions and Equations
    • Unit 11: Geometry
    • Unit 12: Applying Geometry
    • Unit 13: Triangles and Angles

    8th Grade Syllabus

    • Unit 1: Rational and Irrational Numbers
    • Unit 2: Multi-Step Equations
    • Unit 3: Angle Pair Relationships
    • Unit 4: Pythagorean Theorem
    • Unit 5: Volume
    • Unit 6: Properties of Exponents
    • Unit 7: Scientific Notation
    • Unit 8: Transformations
    • Unit 9: Introduction to Functions
    • Unit 10: Application of Functions
    • Unit 11: Linear Equations


    ALL STUDENTS are expected to be punctual, prepared for class and ready to learn. The class will be working in centers that include i-Ready and basic math facts on a daily basis. A guided lesson will follow and then the class will then break up into small groups or work individually.

    1. NO food or drink to be consumed in the classroom with the exception of special events in which I will supply them.
    2. Cell phones will be kept out of sight.
    3. Sling packs will be kept by each student’s desk. The sling packs will be kept closed.
    4. School expectations will be followed at all times in the classroom. ALL students will be respectful of any adults and other students.
    5. Students will be considered tardy if they are not in the classroom by the end of the tardy bell.
    6. Restroom use: Only one student out of the classroom at a time and not during instruction time. This is to cut down on class distractions and traffic in the halls.
    7. Changes/additions may be made to procedures and expectations as the need arises.




    80-89 =B

    70-79 =C

    60-69 =D

    00-59 =F


    Homework 10%

    Class/Daily Assignments, Quizzes, & Learning Checks 45%

    Tests, Projects, & Presentations 45%

    Homework Policy

    Homework is due on scheduled times. Late work will be accepted. If absent, the student is responsible to get any homework assignments missed and turn them in promptly.

    Makeup Work Policy    

    Students shall be allowed to make up work missed due to absences, or suspensions from school. It is the responsibility of the student with the teacher's help to make up work missed.

    If a student is out for a prolonged absence, then the parent can request from guidance (671-6122) their make-up work. A parent must, however, give at least 24 hours’ notice prior to picking up the work.

    Class Schedule:                                                                                            50 minutes daily: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday