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    Class Schedule:

    A Day 

    1st - Biology 1 

    3rd - Biology 1*

    5th - Biology 1

    B Day 

    2nd - Biology Honors

    4th - Biology 1*

    6th - Biology 1

    2020- 2021 Materials Required:

    • Covered Textbook: provided in class and online

    • Composition Notebook - 100 or more pages (a dedicated notebook for this class) (example)

    • Honors ONLY: duotang folder with prongs (example) for science fair

    • Honors ONLY: single subject spiral notebook (example) for science fair

    • Pencils (example)

    • Highlighters (example)

    • Colored pencils (example)

    • Glue sticks (example)

    • Planner / Agenda (will need for all classes anyway)  

    Suggested Materials (if you don't want to share):

    • scissors

    • markers

    • sharpie marker

    • notebook paper

Reaves Biology 2020-2021 Syllabus

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Remind App Codes

  • Remind Codes:

    Text your class code to 81010

    Period 1 - @reavesbio1

    Period 2 - @reavesbio2

    Period 3 - @reavesbio3     

    Period 4 - @reavesbio4

    Period 5 - @reavesbio5

    Period 6 - @reavesbio6


    Remind allows me to send out reminders to the class and you have a direct line to communicate with me. Have a question while studying out of the classroom? Ask away! As long as my phone is on me, I can answer. 

  • Unit Extra Credit:

    You may choose one of these:

    1. Vestigial Structures Poster (directions)

    2. Paleontology Article Summary

    • Visit this site and choose any article that interests you.
    • Write a short summary (2-3 paragraphs). 
    • You may turn this in on paper or email it to me.  

    Classroom Supplies Needed:  

    All classroom supplies extra credit will be placed in the HW category.

    Max 25 points each quarter!!!


    Items on this list are worth 5 points each:

    Ream of white or color copy paper (worth 10 points)

    Hand sanitizer

    Lysol Wipes

    Paper towels

    Paper plates

    Scotch Tape

    Pipe cleaners

    Pony Beads

    4 Pack of Play-Doh

    Colored Pencils

    Handheld Pencil Sharpener

    Index Cards

    Black Sharpies

    Loose Leaf paper

    Construction Paper (any size paper)

    Glue Sticks

    Ziploc Sandwich bags

    Dry Erase Markers

    Poster board


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