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    Posted by David Rau on 3/30/2020


    Hello everyone! Online learning is about to kick off and I'm excited to learn along side you as we navigate distance learning. Since most of you are Juniors or Seniors this is actually a great opportunity to see what online learning will be like in some of your college classes. Before that begins I want to take some time to wrap things up. 

    1. If you have major assignments (Q's or T's) missing, I will input the grade as the class average in the meantime. If you would like to make it up once we return to improve on that, I will allow it. 


    2. AP Testing is AT HOME AND OPEN NOTE. Please see the exam info tab I have below to learn more. 


    3. PreCal students will be getting Khan academy assignments on topics we have left to cover. IT IS VITAL that you watch the Khan videos to understand the topic, and I do plan to release videos of my own guiding you through what I need you to know as I would in class. 


    4. I will be having online office hours in which we can utilize zoom or other tech to have live sessions and talk through problems if you need help More info on times and such are being finalized but I'll update you on your Q4 page


    5. At this point, your assignments through khan or AP classroom are your only grades. I don't yet have a plan to assess understanding through quizzes, and will possibly use the khan big reviews as quiz grades. 


    If you aren't already on remind, please add yourself as part of my "office hours" will be answering all your questions within 24 hours. Deadlines for assignments will be long, but you should try to get mine done quick! You will not have as much of a work load as normal and again you have videos and fully written solutions through khan so YOU CAN DO IT! It may feel daunting but I'm setting this quarter up to actually probably be your highest scoring quarter. 

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