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    Welcome to Ms. Currier's Page

    Thank you for visiting! Here you will find information for Ms. Currier's English classes (English 2, English 3, and English 3 Honors)


    Please contact me at grace.currier@marion.k12.fl.us with any questions or concerns!

    I am available for extra help, makeups, and revision during East Side Power Hour- "A" lunch!




    • 3-ring binder, 1.5-2"
    • College rule paper


    Course readings will be taken from the provided textbook. Please consider "going green" and accessing the textbook online via student portal. You need not bring textbooks to class. 




  • Dear parents and students,

    There will be a NEW 3-strikes cell phone policy in class effective 1/3/19. 

    Cell phones and headphones are becoming a distraction from completeing classwork and hearing instructions, and must be put away in bookbags or pockets and on SILENT throughout the entirety of the class period.

    1st offense: Verbal warning and behavior tracker

    2nd offense: Parent contact

    3rd offense: Student Services referral.

    As we are coming close to state testing, students must be physically and mentally present in class so they can be preared to do well. Please contact your student via the front office if you need to get ahold of them during the school day.


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  • English II Syllabus


    English III Syllabus


    English III Honors Syllabus

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  • Policies and Expectations:

                Assignments-Every assignment is graded and required. You will receive credit for all completed work in this class, including notes.

                Late/missing work-You are responsible for finding out your missing assignments via Skyward Student Portal and collecting any missing work from the missing assignment folders.

    Electronics-There is a zero-tolerance policy for electronics in this classroom. This means cell phones, headphones, and other electronics must be turned off and out of sight when the tardy bell rings and remain there for the duration of the class. .

    Behavior-follow the 4 P’s and show respect by listening to the ideas of your peers, following school and class policies and procedures, being a responsible student, and making your best effort in all you do.

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