General Information


    January 5, 2015


    Dear Parent,


    The deadline for submitting out-of-area school transfer requests for the 2015-2016 school year is February 15. For the greatest opportunity to be approved for a requested out-of-area school transfer for the 2015-2016 school year, applications must be received by February 15, 2015. 


    Out of Area school transfers include those for safety, medical necessity, professional courtesy, diversity (majority to minority) and controlled open enrollment. Students who are currently reassigned to an out-of-area school and those students who are making new transfer requests for the 2015-2016 school year should apply by the February 15 deadline.  


    All elective school reassignments are processed based on space availability and proper documentation of eligibility requirements. 


    Controlled open enrollment will be offered at schools where enrollment is less than 90% of the total capacity of the school and will close when the school reaches 90% capacity. If more applications are received for open enrollment than space is available, spaces will be assigned by random drawing.


    School transfer forms are available from the guidance office at any Marion County Public School or from the District’s Student Assignments and Records office located at 512 SE Third Street in Ocala. For additional information, you may contact the office of Student Assignments at 671-7747.




    Tony Burke

    Supervisor - Student Assignments & Records



    "Devereux Kids, established in 1999, is a self-supporting primary prevention program of Devereux Florida. The mission is to engage community residents, strengthen families and protect children. Believing that everyone has a part and every part makes a difference, Devereux Kids offers community learning programs and facilitation services to teach positive intervention and community advocacy skills to neighborhood groups, faith communities, grassroots organizations and interested residents. People can have a positive impact on children and families just by knowing their neighbors, keeping their eyes and ears open and offering support and assistance to parents who are experiencing stressful situations."


    Click here to view their website



    Honor Roll Students will be recognized at awards ceremonies at the end of each nine weeks. All students with a GPA of 3.75 and higher will have the privilege of eating lunch at Chief's Cafe.


    Golden Binder Awards

    Students who demonstrate Osceola's Guiding Principles will be recognized at the end of each nine weeks. These students will receive a Golden Binder to carry for the following nine weeks and the privilege of eating lunch outside at Chief's Cafe.


    Awards Programs

    Outstanding achievement in specific subject areas will be recognized in the Awards Programs that are held near the close of the school year. Parents will be notified of these programs in advance. Other awards may be given out during the year. To view recipients of all awards, click on the Recognitions link at the top of the screen.