Distant Learning is for Everyone!

  • Hey everyone!

    As a self-identified introvert, I find myself more grateful for my co-workers with every passing day. I miss seeing and talking life/school with all of you. I hope you and your family are well and safe. If you need anything, I am healthy and willing to help you in anyway that I possibly can. So how can I help you? Let me know! 


    The good news is when it comes to remote learning we are all novice educators!

    How do we begin to navigate distant learning?

    First and foremost as you begin to plan on Tuesday consider how you will establish online learning expectations. We are all uncomfortable and new here and this is a thought-in-process. The more explicit you can become with instructions and expectations the sooner students will feel safer in doing the best that they can.

    In the classroom we visually see something and correct it immediately, here we won't know what they understood until the assignment comes in different than we expected. 

    A few priorities I would consider for my personal learning space would be: 
    1. Using correct language (no txt tlk plz).
    2. Kind words to peers via discussion boards.
    3. Doing the best with what is given.
    I challenge you to think about the Fundamental 5 as we transition to online. The fundamentals still apply.
    1. Frame the online learning lesson in a way that establishes the learning objective and assignments that lead them to understanding the concept.
    2. Assignments that challenge them to write critically. Explicitly ask for opinions, challenging point of views, and new concepts.
    3. Find ways to encourage your students to talk about the learning with one another (if you like the idea of discussion boards, get with me or look at my teacher website https://www.marionschools.net/Page/71213. My prior students had a blast doing this.)
    4. RECOGNIZE and reinforce online learning/work. They’ll need this acknowledgement and encouragement more now than ever.
    (As far as Powerzone is concerned maybe walk around your home office?) 😂
    Please know that I am here to brainstorm with you and offer up ideas. 
    The platform https://edji.it/#/home instantly came to my mind and how I would utilize that to read with my students remotely.
    I am a big lover of https://www.noredink.com/ for assignments.
    Recently I taught a GK Test Prep and used https://nearpod.com/ . LOVED IT. 
    Mrs. Vaughn-Johnson showed us https://quizizz.com/ at our most recent professional development, and the consensus of the room was that it was fun! 
    While I have never instructionally used https://padlet.com/ I have used it in grad school and find that it creates the opportunity to collaborate creatively. I would consider using it in this time too.

    All this to say, you have options! Definitely don’t try to use them all at once! Research through them and pick one or two that might fit into your online teaching style and link them to your teacher website as you move forward. 
    Finally, these are crazy times and while it may not be how we wanted to spend these days; I choose to look at it as a way to (begrudgingly) grow and encourage you to do the same. Shoot for the best and give yourself grace as you go. We are all new here. Reach out if you need help. 
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    I am available to zoom with you, please email me to set up a time.

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