Belleview Middle School Binder Program

  • Dear BMS Parents and Guardians:


    One of the most difficult things for students to adapt to in the middle school setting is learning how to organize their materials as they move from class to class each day. To address this issue, the teachers and staff at BMS have created a plan that we feel confident will help your child become more organized in order to be a more successful student. Two major components of this plan are:


    • Creating one school-wide supply list that requires all students to use just one large binder as their learning tool for all classes, instead of several smaller binders and folders for each class.


    • Prohibiting the use of backpacks and other large bags on campus.


    Our one binder program is called PAWS: Panthers Always Working for Success. We utilize our PAWS program to teach students how to set up their binder for all classes in order to keep all of their learning materials in one place. Students will be trained on what items will and will not be allowed to be kept in their binders. Each class will be clearly marked by a divider tab.


    Since the students will be carrying only one binder, and textbooks remain in the classrooms, it will not be necessary for students to use a back pack to carry several different binders, folders, spiral notebooks, etc. This will prevent the “black hole” that develops in most back packs where papers are lost and never seen again. It will also free up space in the classrooms previously taken up by twenty-two or more back packs.


    Students will be allowed to carry a small bag for their lunch, PE clothes, and/or library book. See the School Supply List for details. For your convenience, we will offer the 3” binders in the appropriate colors, along with the six dividers for sale at the school. We hope that you will support us as we help your children become better students through the use of an organized learning tool. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 671-6235.


    BMS Administration