Curriculum Overview

  • Overview

    Florida Standards are implemented in all classrooms throughout Florida. They are preparing Anthony's students for the future by helping them build better foundations in core subjects. Here are some resources that parents can practice at home.

    1. You can encourage your child to read as much nonfiction as fiction.
      • Supply more non-fiction texts
      • Read non-fiction books aloud or with your child
      • Have fun with non-fiction in front of your child
    2. You can help your child learn about the world through reading.
      • Supply a series of texts on topics that interest your child
      • Find books that explain how things work and why
      • Discuss non-fiction texts and their ideas
    3. You can help your child read more challenging materials.
      • Know what grade level is appropriate
      • Provide challenging texts as well as books they can read easily
      • Showing that challenging books are worth reading
    4. You can talk to your child about reading.
      • Talk about books
      • Read aloud or read the same book as your child and discuss
      • Discuss predictions
    5. You can help build your child's confidence in writing.
      • Encourage writing at home
      • Write “books” together using evidence and detail
      • Review samples of exemplary student writing
    6. You can help your child build more vocabulary.
      • Read often and constantly with young children
      • Read multiple books on the same topic
      • Talk to your children, read to them, listen to them, sing with them, make up silly rhymes and word games
    7. Additional resource:

    To find out more about our Florida Standards for K-12, check out the following link to CPALMS, the state of Florida's official source of information for standard information and course description.