Mr. Mac's Social Studies Classes

  •      Hello One and All!!!!


         Welcome, I am Mr. Mac. I will be teaching 6th grade World history, 7th grade Civics and 8th grade U.S. History. You may be having me either in person or as your online teacher. To let you know some things about me, I have been teaching for going on 16 years total now. All in Soical Studies. I truly do love history and I am very passionate about it when I teach. History is the fundamental of where we have started from to where we are now as a society. From the prehistoric age where the caveman followed and hunted their food, to the making of how civilizations formed, technological advances, wars, movements, it all has made impacts on us whther we know it or not and it is my job to get the students to know it and understand it and why it happened.

         I am have been married for the last 15 years and have 3 great kids in MCPS as well. I have been an executive chef in my first profession and have fed people such as Missy Elliot, Donald Rumsfeld and Metallica. I still love to cook and create in the kitchen. I am a huge MARVEL geek. I love MARVEL comics with Wolverine being my absolute favorite mutant from the X-Men. 

         In the classroom I have simple rules that I expect all students to follow. With my online learners, I will expect them to attend everyday, and complete the assignments when they are due. Claawork will be worth 40%, Tests 50% and Homework 10% when calculating 9 week, semester and final grades.