Title I Information


    Marion Oaks Elementary is a Title I school based on our economically disadvantaged student population. Title I funds are used to give support to our low performing students to help them realize success in core curriculum areas. Most Title I dollars are spent on personnel that work directly with students (mainly the teaching of writing and with assistance with struggling readers). Family events, parent trainings, staff development and software licenses are also purchased with Title I money. Title I money is also used for after school tutoring programs, offered to students struggling in academics in grades 3-5. 


    Our student handbook is made available to every child who enters our school. Title I encourages all parents to be involved in the planning and review of the school’s programs that increase student achievement, to participate in school activities, to be actively involved in the education of their child, and to assist the school in reviewing and revising the School Improvement Plan. Therefore, we suggest that students and parents read it together. Compliance with this handbook will help foster full potential of learning enhanced with positive relationships.


    Copies of the 2012-2013 District Parent Involvement Plan are available at the school's main office, at the Title 1 office and on the district website. You may also visit the following link http://www.marion.k12.fl.us/dept/fep/extra/file/TitleIPlan.pdf to view the plan.


    The SPAR (School Public Accountability Report) is now available at the school's main office, at the Title 1 office and the Public Relations office. You may also visit the following link http://doeweb-prd.doe.state.fl.us/eds/nclbspar/index.cfm to view the report.



    • Mrs. Lisa Dreher, Principal
    • Dr. Nancy Soto, Assistant Principal
    • Ms. Kelly Ashberger, Assistant Principal
    • Mr. Jason McNulty, Dean
    • Ms. Emily Brazill, Dean
    • Mrs. Hazel Loera, Guidance Counselor
    • Mrs. Robin Irvin, Guidance Counselor
    • Ms. Julie Chance, Secretary

    FCAT Explorer

    FCAT Explorer is a Web-based instructional support tool derived from Florida’s Sunshine State Standards. Programs provide students with explicit practice and learning guidance for the reading, math, and science benchmarks tested on the FCAT.

    FCAT Explorer offers nine student programs that provide practice items, instructional support, and remediation. The logon information may be gotten from your child's teacher.

    Head Start Program

    Head Start is a federally funded program, which provides comprehensive development services for pre-school children ages three to five and social services for their families. Eligibility is based on child's age and family income.

    Contact Thelma Griffith -- 629-0055 ext. 235