Miss. Y. Johnson 5th Grade ELA & Social Studies

  •  5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

     Ms. Yvette Johnson


    Greetings Belleview Broncos,  

    I want each of you know that I miss each of you so much! I pray that you are keeping yourself safe and being obedient to your parents. I know that this is a scary challenge ,but I know the experts are doing all that they can do to keep all of us safe. Please take care of yourself and know that you are missed and loved.

    If you feel the need to contact me, I will be available from 7:30-9:00 and 2:00-2:50 each school dayPlease Dojo me or email me during these times. My email address is Yvette.johnson@marion.k12.fl.us. I would like to suggest emailing me because I don't have acess to everyone on Dojo.

    Below is some very important information to help you access assignments that are due for the 4th Quarter grading period.   All assignments are listed inside of "Google Classroom." I have provided a "Weekly Agenda" posted in Google Classroom that will help you meet the weekly assignmnets due by Friday of each week. All assignmnets must be completed on a sheet of notebook paper. Then you MUST photograph each assignmnet and email them to me. You will be unable to complete any assignmnets directly inside of Google Classroom.            


    *Updated for 2nd half of Quarter 4 Grading Period*

    Students will be working on a "Final Exam Speech Project." You will need to login to Google Classroom and review the following items by this Friday, May 1, 2020:

    (1) Final Exam Speech Project / Topic  Worksheet (2) Final Exam Speech Checklist (3) May Weekly Agenda  

    There are a lot of assignments that have due dates for submitting. It is vital that students complete assignments on or before due dates. There will NOT be any assignments accepted after the posted due dates. Please email me at the email address listed above. I also ask that "ALL" assignments be emailed to me. There aren't any assignments to complete directly in Google Classroom. If you must use Google Docs to type the speech, this is permitted.                                                  


    Ms. Johnson

     Login Information for Readworks.org

    If your name doesn't appear under your teacher's name when you login, please email me and I will add your name.

    The password for each class is :1234

    *Mrs. Karr NN24SS   

    *Ms. Johnson BKEPEK    

    *Ms. Fenstamaker 7KQ2CA 

    *Ms. Bryant HSWHWW

     Google Classroom Login Information 

    Johnson Homeroom : rzyvj5y       

    Karr, Bryant, Fenstamaker : m4i2446








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