6th Grade PE for Coach Wilkerson's Classes

  • Parents and Guardian of our Belleview Middle Panthers,


    My name is Coach Wilkerson and I warmly welcome you and your child this school year to Belleview Middle School. As your child enters into the next chapter of their educational experience, 6th Grade, I look forward to supporting, teaching, and encouraging them to reach their fullest potential. With the transition of all of us being in the midst of COVID-19, we are taking all the necessary precautions for all of our children  to stay safe as possible during this school year. We have set guidelines and procedures in place to ensure the best and safest environment for your child.

    If you would to contact me at any time during the school year, my email information is kimberly.wilkerson@marion.k12.fl.us. This is the best way to contact me for a more immediate response to you. You can also call the school at 352-671-6235 Ext. 55103.


    The following link will give you the instructions to access to check your child's grades in Skyward.

    Grades will be weighted for PE as follows:



    QUIZZES  = 20%



    * Mask required for all students inside the gym or bathroom (They must be worn at all times unless instructed by a teacher to remove or when there is social distancing.

    * Masks ARE NOT required when students are participating in activities that increase their heart rate while they are outside and staying socially distanced.

    * Students ARE required to wear their masks outside when they are participating in low impact and not involved in activities that does not increase their heart rate.

    *Students are REQUIRED to bring their own water bottles to PE labeled with their first and last names on them. Water fountains are to be used as filling stations only.



    All students WILL NOT dress out this 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19. The appropriate attire is as follows:

    1. Tennis shoes are required in order for any student to participate.

    2. Shorts are required under skirts if students are involved in activities that require running or jumping.


    This school year we have strategically planned for Physical Education to be designed for the best outcome for our students who will be physically here at Belleview Middle School. They will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy health and PE in a new and exciting way while staying within the safety guidelines.


    Microsoft Teams will also be used as a part of our learning experience for students. They will actively participate physically while here on the Belleview Campus and also utilizing the Microsoft Teams platform to help prepare them for possible Distance Learning as well.



    For our Distance Learning students, we will only use the Microsoft Teams educational platform for our 2020-2021 PE Course. All correspondence, communication, and assignments will be delivered through this method. Students will become accustomed to and will be able to navigate as they get used to this new way of learning. If for some reason all students are required to do Online Distance learning, Microsoft Teams will be our ONLY platform used for all aspects of PE.


    I'm excited to be a part of your child's educational advancement in their growth and development and look forward to a fun and exciting year.







    Coach Kimberly Wilkerson

    6th Grade PE Coach