Distance Learning for 6th Grade PE - ACCESS All Assignments from Teacher Homepage

  • Parents and Guardian of our Belleview Middle Panthers,

    It has been a pleasure serving your child this school year and despite the unforntunate happening of the Covid-19, I look forward to your family staying safe and academic success to continue in your child's life. There is great potential inside of all children and I believe your child will continue to blossom and grow as they push and strive to excel. Discipline is the major factor in any student's success and in this, they can become great in whatever they desire in life. 


    If there are any assignments graded that your child would like to receive a higher grade, they have the opportunity to redo that assignment(s) and turn them in. This extension will be open until Sunday, May 31, 2020 until 5pm. All they would need to do, is redo the assignment and email it in to me via picture, typing answers in the email, or attaching a word document.  All students have this chance to receive the grade they desire. ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE LOCATED ON THIS HOMEPAGE IF YOU WOULD SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE. YOU WILL SEE ALL TASKS with LINKS ATTACHED.


    Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your child's growth and development and have a safe summer.


    Coach Kimberly Wilkerson

    6th Grade PE Coach


    Hello, I am Coach Kimberly Wilkerson, your child's 6th Grade PE Coach here at Belleview Middle School. I have enjoyed having your child this school year and am glad to be able to finish our year by a different means, DISTANT LEARNING. With all that is happening, this is the safest way to continue their learning via online and to complete the required guidelines for 6th Grade PE. 

    BEGINNING TODAY, Aril 17th, all assignments can be retrieved through my TEACHER WEBSITE. We will not use GOOGLE CLASSROOM as it will be easier for assignments to me emailed directly to me and to be graded. The assignments that you started in the Google Classroom can also be turned in through email as well. The following are the assignments for the week of April 17th through April 23rd.

    You can submit your work one of three ways

    1. Type and email me your answers.

    2. Type your answers in a word document and email.

    3. Write or type your answers, take a picture, and email it to me.

    My email address is kimberly.wilkerson@marion.k12.fl.us for you to send in your assignments. 


    May 18-22

    Soccer rules (read only)

    soccer rules assignment


    flag football rules (read only)

    flag football assignment


    May 11-15

    Assignment 1 

    E-cigarettes (read only)

    E-cigarettes assignment

    In the subject of your email, PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND PERIOD  before submitting your assignments. It makes it easier to find your name when putting in grades. 




    May 1st - May 7th

    Design your own 5 DAY WORKOUT PLAN (Monday through Friday)!!! Please view the assignment section of my website for your INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

    This assignment is worth 2 Grades:

    Grade 1. Use creativity of using things at home to perform your workout plan.

    Grade 2. Use all 5 categories required:

    1. Stretching

    2. Upper Body

    3. Lower Body

    4. Stomach (Core) Exercises

    5. Cardio (Increase Heart Rate) Exercises. 



    corona virus fact sheet (read only)

    corona virus assignment


    5 fitness components (view only)

    5 fitness components assignment


    Benefits of physical fitness (view only)

    Benefits of fitness assignment


    skill related fitness components (view only)

    skill related fitness components assignment

    The following are the links to access your assignments for the week of April 27-May 1, 2020

    sportsmanship info (read only)

    sportsmanship assignment



    The following are the links below for you to access your assignments for the week of April 17th - April 23rd: 

    Benefits of Exercise (View Only)

     Benefits of exercise assignment


    Healthy Eating power point (view only)

     Healthy eating assignment



    Assignments that I will be GRADING from the Google Classroom are the following and should have already been turned in either through Google Classroom or email:

     5 Comp. of Fitness Powerpoint (View Only)

    5 Components of Fitness Assignment


    Corona Virus Information Sheet (VIEW ONLY)

    Corona Virus Test ( Type Answers in an email and send to me)

    Skill Related Components Quiz

    Health and Skill Related Components Graphic Organizer

    Health Related Components Test

    Corona Virus Test   

                OFFICE HOURS

         I will be available from 10:00 am - 11:00am and from 1:00pm - 2:00pm daily.

       My email is kimberly.wilkerson@ marion.k12.fl.us  -  Feel free to contact the front office as well at 352-671-6235.


         It's important to keep a healthy regiment of movement. Try to do some kind of daily exercise in your home to keep your body active and



         Continue to stay safe, wash your hands often, and keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Even though we are physically apart, we are still yet connected socially. I care and love each of you and we are all yet a support for one another.


    Look forward to working with you during the last quarter of our 2020 school year. 


    Coach Kimberly Wilkerson


         Miss You all!!!