Welcome to Distance Learning in First Grade!

  • Posted 4/1 Afternoon Announcement 

    Our first day of distance learning was a success! Congratulations, students, and parents on getting through your first day. I have updated the skyward grade book so you can check your child's grade. 

    Our special for this week is art. Your child will need to visit Ms. Roche's webpage at this link https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/13253 to participate in art this week. 


    Additional Resources:

    Brainpop provides helpful videos and activities. You should need a class code. Just follow the link https://jr.brainpop.com/ and find a video. 

    Storyline Online is an excellent resource for your child to use. To access, follow this link



    Additional resources will be added to the website as I find them. 



     Starting Monday, 4/6, students will receive a minimum of the following assignments

    3 ELA tasks

    3 Math tasks

    1 Science task

    1 Social Studies task

    I-Ready reading 46 minutes

    I-Ready Math 46 minutes

    Daily Reading 20 minutes

    and 1 Special will be assigned each week with a link to the website.



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  • Posted 4/1

    This week's assignments are listed below and are due by Sunday, April 5th.
    ELA- Teacher and Librarian Venn Diagram (available through Google Classroom or the first two pages in your ELA packet).
    MATH- 9.6 Time to the Hour, Time to the Hour Homework (available through Think Central or pages 389-392 in your colored math packet).
    SCIENCE- Basic Needs (available in Stemscopes or the basic needs packet).
    SOCIAL STUDIES- Map Skills, What is a Map? (available in Google Classroom or the first two pages in your Social Studies packet).
    WRITING- How do you feel about learning online? (available in Google Classroom, or they need to answer in their journal that I provided).
    I-READY- 15 minutes (not exceeding 46 minutes in each)
    READING- 20 minutes

    This does not have to be done by today and can be started at your convenience. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Posted 3/31/20

    Hello parents and guardians,

         I wanted to give you some important information for tomorrows roll out of distance learning. First, I will be using Google Classroom to complete our work. Your child will be able to comment on the home screen and chat with the class. I also made packets for each student that can be picked up at Maplewood if you choose to have them instead, but please know that if you use the paper packets, I will need you to send me a picture of the completed assignment via dojo or my email address. All of the assignments are the same, just in a different form. Starting tomorrow, April 1st, I will be taking attendance, either by seeing progress made in Google Classroom or by seeing pictures of their completed work. Lastly, I will be using the zoom app to host live lessons and to give the children a chance to see each other. These meetings are optional, and I will try to schedule them at different times to accommodate everyone's schedule. I know they miss their friends and their daily routine, and I want to have as much communication with each of them as possible. If you haven't so already, please download the zoom app and set up an account on this website https://zoom.us/download. I know this is a lot of information, but this will be posted on Miss. Panzica's website to refer back to. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me for anything. 

    I will post assignments every Monday, and they will be due on Sunday at 12.59 pm. If using the packets, I will need the pictures by each Sunday at 12.59 pm. 





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  • Posted 3/30/20
    Hello parents and guardians
    Assignments will be posted on this website and on class dojo. If you have not already reached out to me, please do so via email or class dojo at your earliest convenience. I will begin reaching out to parents I have not heard from soon. Please send me an email with your updated contact information along with your contact preference at melissa.gonzalez@marion.k12.fl.us. I am here to help in any way possible. Starting Wednesday, April 1st, I will be available Monday-Friday from 9-10 and 1-2. I will have my email and class dojo open throughout the day Monday-Friday. I look forward to seeing everyone during our class zoom meetings. I will send out more information on zoom at a later date. Every student should complete 46 minutes in I ready reading and math each week, not exceeding 46 minutes. It is essential that every child read for 20 minutes each day. Myon is an excellent resource for reading.

    Ms. Gonzalez

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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.


    We will use different applications to access our material during this time. Every application can be accessed by logging into your child's desktop. Your child should know how to do this, but I'm adding instructions just in case. You will never go to a website directly unless directed by myself to do so. 

    How to access Google Classroom 

    1.Log on the MCPS Desktop https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp.

    2. Look at the bottom of the screen and find the section that says Google Apps and click on it

    3. Click on the icon for Google Classroom

    4. Students will have to log on to Google, it is their username with @marionstudents.net and then their usual password

    5. Find the plus sign in the upper right corner, click on the plus and choose Join Class

    6. Type in my class code -7p5gtis

    7. You are now in our Google Classroom



    For math, we will use an application called Think Central. This is found by 

    1.Log on the MCPS Desktop https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp.

    2.Look on the bottom of the screen and find the section, the says e-Textbooks.

    3.Click on it

    4.Find the blue Think Central tab and click on it.

    5.You will see "Things to do". Click on it.

    6.Next, you will see assignments in blue along with a due date. 


    For Science, we will use an application called StemScopes. This is found by

    1.Log on the MCPS Desktop https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp.

    2. Look on the bottom of the screen and find the section, the says programs. 

    3. There you will find an application called Stemscopes

    4. Once you click on it, your child's assignments will show along with a due date. 


    For Social Studies, I will use a mix of Google Classroom assignments and Studies Weekly. For the next two weeks, we will use Google Classroom for the Social Studies assignments. But I want you to know how to access Studies Weekly for the future. 

    1. Log on the MCPS Desktop https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp.
    2. Look on the bottom of the screen and find the section, the says e-Textbooks.
    3. Find the Studies Weekly tab and click on it. 
    4. After the page loads, you will find the 1st-grade studies weekly, which is the second choice with a little boy on it. It says Florida Studies Weekly 1st Grade. Click on it
    5. After the page loads, you will see boxes with different weeks on them. You will click on the week that I specify. 
    6. This will take you to the studies weekly magazine. 


    For ELA/Reading, I will use Google Classroom (see google classroom for instructions). 




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