Welcome to 6th Grade World History!

  • Hello students and parents! Welcome to Mr. Jones's 6th-grade world history website. Here you will find a lot of pertinent information regarding Mr. Jones's class for the year such as expectations in the classroom and important video lessons for online learning.  


    Right now things are a little uncertain and possibly a little scary, but in my class I am doing everything I can to make sure that you and your peers feel safe and can get the information you need to succeed. I find World History fascinating and I hope that when you come with me on this journey you see how interesting and relatable the history of us can be!  


    There are a couple of pages you should look at for this year; there is one for online only students and one for in class students. Please look at the proper pages for all the info you need, and check back often as there may be some changes in the future. I hope we all have a great year in spite of our circumstances and that you leave my class with a little more interest in our history!



    Contacts that you can reach me at:

    email: christopher.jones@marion.k12.fl.us

    School Phone number: (352) 671-7225 ext. 55864

    Google Phone Number: (352)462-0719 (Note:This number is mostly for online only students and I do not take calls outside of school hours unless asked ahead, so please use responsibly) 


    Christopher Jones