Mrs. Haworth's Kindergarten Class

  •  Welcome to Kindergarten

    I am excited to have you in the classroom this year! It is going to be a year filled with engaging activites and hands on learning! This year will look and feel different due to some of the things that are going on in our world right now - "Covid-19"!  We will be practicing social distancing, this means wearing a mask when we are in close proximity (6ft or less) to friends or teachers.  Masks MUST be worn at arrival/dismissal, walking in hallways, and anywhere that you are close to others (6ft or less).  This will include our classrooms, we have dedicated special areas that occasionally throughout the day we can take off our mask because we can be at least 6 feet from friends.  We will all be washing our hands more frequently, and sanitizing areas in our classrooms throughout the day for all of our safety.  Students will not share supplies throughout the day, each student will utilize their own supplies, ex. crayons, pencils, erasers, scissors, academic notebook etc.  If a student uses manipulatives, computers, puzzles, or a game, then it will be sanitized and cleaned prior to the next students use.  Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted on school grounds, this will include lunch with your child, conferences with me, or simply volunteering in our classroom.  This is for the safety of all the students and staff at MSA.  All students will be eating in the cafeteria for lunch, this will look a lot different!  There will only be 3 students at table, in the past my 18 students could fit at this same table! Mrs. Fagan (the classroom para) will be there to assist if your child needs help opening anything.    Water fountains will not be used at all!  This will mean your child should bring in a waterbottle (required - a reusable, non-twist cap lid) to keep with them at their desk.  Only water will be permitted to drink in the reusable bottle.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the water please contact me.  It is important that your child drinks water throughout the day.  

    Please read the document below to have a better understanding of what Kindergarten looks and feels like with more specific details! MSA will continue to be the outstanding school that we are known and recognized to be!  

    Life in Kindergarten

    Mask Up Friends! 

    Haworth Mrs. Haworth





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