Mrs. Cerbin's 7th Grade English/Language Arts Class

  • Welcome to Mrs. Cerbin's 7th Grade English/Language Arts Class


    This year will look a bit different than in years past. We will be doing everything in our classroom to keep students safe. Desks will be spaced out across the room in order to have as much distancing as possible between students. In the larger classes where we cannot apropriately distance, students will need to wear a mask or shield (the school will provide those) for the duration of the class. In the smaller classes where we can distance 6 feet or more, students will have the option of wearing a mask or shield, unless students are working with, or in close proximity to, another student. Then it will be required. We will have plenty of hand santizer available to students and the classroom will be cleaned frequently.


    This year we will be using different historical texts, both fiction and non-fiction, to learn the standards of literature. The writing program that I will be using is called Top Score Writing and it is a great (and easy) program to learn the secrets of being a good writer. Of course, there will also be grammar and vocabulary. Never a dull moment!  I will also be teaching cursive writing and students will be able to complete cursive assignments for extra credit. 


    While the course content is important, there are life skills that students needs to learn in order to be successful later in life. If we start now, it will be easier for students in the future. I am not just looking at your child and his needs today, I'm looking at the skills that he will need to be successful in high school, possible college, and eventually in the workforce. Organizational skills, time management, puntuality, getting along with others are just a few things that make a persoon successful in life. 


    Supply List

    I know that many classes collect all supplies and they becomes classroom supplies. In my class, your child's supplies will remain with your child. They will not be collected and shared with the rest of the class. If you would like to made a donation to the classroom, it is very much appreciated. The two items that we run out of most are pencils and Kleenex. Here are the supplies that your child will need:

    • A 3-section spiral notebook (if you cannot find a 3 section, 3 separate spiral notebooks will do)
    • Pencils or pens (lots of them!)
    • A set of highlighters
    • A two-pocket folder
    • A pencil case (so all of those pencils don't get lost!)
    • A planner or calendar to help manage students' school assignments


    School Work Policy

    In order to help students to learn time management skills and deadlines, I do have a policy for late work. It is expected that all work will be turned in on or before the date that it is due. This is a skill that will help students in the future. In college, late work is not accepted at all. In the workplace, employees can lose their jobs for not meeting deadlines. I believe that if students learn these skills now, it will be second nature to them as they get older and in turn, will make them more successful in life. Therefore, if an assignment is late, is will be marked off 10 points on the first day it is late, 20 points on the second day, 30 points on the third day, and it will not be accepted after the third day. Students will not be able to turn in missing assignments the week before the end of the grading period. 

    Students are able to check into Skyward to see their grades at any time. Parents may also get their own Skyward login and password. Please contact the front office for that information. There is one quirk with Skyward that always causes confusion. If you log into Skyward and look under the Missing Work headline, it may not be accurate. If the missing assignment shows a zero for a grade, then it is missing. If it shows an asterisk (*), that just means that it has not yet been graded. As a parent, it is a good idea to check your child's grades in Skyward once a week. 


    If you have any concerns or questions for me, you may email me at and I will respond as soon as I am able (no longer than 24 hours) or you may call me at 352-671-4725 ext. 55492. You can also send me a text at 352-462-3069. I will help any way that I can. I believe that parents and a teacher are a team; we both want your child to be successful.  


    Let's have a great school year!