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Mr. Stewart's assignments

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Mr. Stewart's assignments

  Khan Academy

1. Click link on line above.

2. Log in with Google account.  (There is also a mobile app for Khan Academy iPhone and Android If any words appear to be cut off, change the font in the settings of your phone.)

3. Complete assignments by the due date in Khan Academy for each of your classes.  Mr. Stewart will see your scores.  Try to earn 70% or more on the exercises.

4. If you need a chrome book, email Ms. Fritz at Ms. Fritz

5. Attendance: Mr. Stewart is supposed notify administrator if you don't do any work in Khan Academy or email me at least once every three (3) days. 

6. Here are the courses Mr. Stewart teaches for juniors: English III, US History, Physical Science, Geometry, Liberal Arts Math 

(I sent all the history and English students an email about how to complete assignments.)

Seniors: English IV, U.S. Government, Math for College Readiness 

(Mr. Stewart has one Economics and one Algebra 1 student.  He emailed both of them at their student email addresses.)

Freshmen: Environmental Science  


2019-2020 letter to parents

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.