• FLAME at Madison Street Academy will be offering a variety of enrichment opportunities delivered via Google Glassroom.

    Students should log in via Marion County Portal (https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jps). 

    From there, they should navigate to the Google Apps tab.  You will find this at the bottom of the screen once your student is logged in.

    Once you are in to Google Classroom, select the class your child wishes to visit!

    If you need to log in to Google Classroom, use your student's information.  The username or email address will be studentfirstname.studentlastname@marionstudents.net.  

    The password is the same password used to log in to the portal.  Once you log in, you should see our class page as an icon or option.

    Teacher availability hours Monday-Friday 8:00-9:00am and 1:00-2:00pm via email at melaine.sullivan@marion.k12.fl.us or phone at (352)671-7250 ext. 52548.

    FLAME Student Expectations: Students should complete one activity per week which meets their individualized FLAME Goal.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at melaine.sullivan@marion.k12.fl.us


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