Technology Schedule

  • Tech Schedule

  • Follow these directions to access MS Teams. 

    1. Go to the MCPS Portal or to access Office 365 and then sign in with your MCPS email and your MCPS password. You will find your email and password on your login slips. They do not change from year to year.

    2. Click on the Teams app to view all your classes. Apps

    3. Then click on my class which will be labeled, Technology- grade level, Leppala (homeroom teacher name) MSA.

    Example: Technology-Kdg Leppala (Crosby) MSA

    Teams Leppala


Welcome to Technology

  •  Mrs. Leppala



    Hello, my name is Mrs. Leppala, and I teach technology. In my class, we will be learning all about computers and how to use them effectively for learning. We will begin with a brief keyboarding session to learn and practice our touch typing skills during every class period. After that, we work on the main lesson for the day. Our lessons will cover a broad range of topics, such as PowerPoint, computer programming, and digital art. I love learning about technology, and I hope you do too! 

    In-Person Learning

    This year, face-to-face students will stay in their homeroom. We will use Chromebooks and Microsoft (MS) Teams to access our digital resources. Students can find assignments, announcements, and all their work for my class in Microsoft Teams. You can help your child by making sure they are familiar with their MCPS username, email, and password. 

    Online classes 

    Students will have mostly the same curriculum, but we will meet using MS Teams, and it's video conferencing app. Thus, it will be critical for parents of online students to set up their child's device so that they can easily access MS Teams and the MCPS Desktop for students. Here are some steps before lessons begin that can make learning easier for your child.

    • Bookmark frequently used websites
    • Have login slips near your child's device
    • Save your child's username in the browser
    • Ensure that your child practices and knows, how to log into websites and access key features within that site (such as the mute button)

    The Help Document link (on the left navigation bar) will include login help documents.