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  • COVID-19

    Students, during COVID-19 Online Learning, I will assign 3 tasks for you each week. You may do these at any time during that week. As well, I would like to meet by Zoom the first day of the week to explain procedures, assignments and just talk.

    Parents, if you are having difficulties with Google Classroom or Zoom. please know that you may contact me at any time, except during my office hours (those are reserved for the students). You can help your child by making sure they can do the following:

    • log into Google
    • switch accounts in Google (if they are sharing devices other than Chromebooks with you or siblings)
    • have the Zoom app ready to go by Wednesday May 1st. 


    Office Hours

    8-9am M-F Zoom meetings Mrs. Leppala's Zoom or Meeting ID 358 872 8968

    12-1pm Email or Text



    1st Week 5th Grade

    2nd Week Kindergarten

    3rd Week 1st Grade

    4th Week 2nd Grade

    5th Week 3rd Grade

    6th Week 4th Grade


    Activities and Assignments

    All the information that you will need for my class assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. We will be continuing much of our work as we have been in Google Classroom. Each week I will focus on one grade level however, I will try to add optional assignments in Google Classroom for the other grades levels.  Students in the grade level designated for that week, can join me in Zoom the first day of the week for instructions and questions, etc...at 8am. I will add more time to this schedule for Zoom meetings if needed. In the afternoons, I will be available for phone calls or emails from 12-1. I will respond very quickly during these times and may have adhoc Zoom meetings then as well. However, you may email or text at any time until 7pm at night. I just may not be able to get back to you as quickly at these times. 


    Helpful Links

    Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/h

    Typing Club https://madison-st.typingclub.com/?next=%2Fportal%2Ftest%2F

    Zoom https://zoom.us/

    Student Tips for Zoom


    Joim a Meeting



    What is this course about?

    The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop basic skills in computer science. 

    Within appropriate developmental guidelines the content of this course should expose students to:

    • Responsible use of technology and information
    • The impact of computing resources on local and global society
    • Security, privacy, information sharing, ownership, licensure and copyright
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Modeling and simulations
    • Problem solving and algorithms
    • Digital tools
    • Hardware and software
    • Human-Computer interactions and Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Analysis
    • Computer programming basics
    • Programming applications



    Grades will be based on the following 

    Assessments / Projects / Student Work / Participation

    • Student made projects
    • Teacher observations
    • Checklists
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Rubrics
    • Participation and effort
    • Growth in abilities to complete tasks
    • Discussion
    • Cooperative projects
    • Learning activities

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    digital self-portrait, Rylie Conrad